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3D Design

  • Basic 3D Understanding
  • 2D to 3D Shapes
  • Interior & Exterior Design
  • Kiosk Design
  • Product Modeling
  • Product Display Design
  • Mega Display
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In this online 3D modeling short course, you'll learn how to create realistic Kiosks, Exhibition malls, Products, and environments, etc using Cinema 4D. You'll be mentored by an industry expert with years of experience working in an International Ad agency.

3-D Design

This short course is the perfect way to learn 3D modeling basics and get a taste of this exciting career. It also forms term one of the 3D Modeling Diploma, so if you decide to continue your journey, you'll be one-third of the way through the diploma!

Course Feature

  • Introduction to Cinema 4D
  • Creating and Understanding Objects
  • Working with Splines
  • Generators
  • Using Deformers
  • MoGraph
  • Polygons Modeling Tools
  • Materials and Texturing
  • Working with Lights
  • Output and Rendering
  • Finalized and Color Grading
  • Export to Photoshop
  • Color Corrections

Fee Package

Rs. 5,000 Only

NOTE: NOTE: The regular cost of Paid Package is Rs. 15,000/- However, we are offering huge discount on it for a limited time. The discount offer is subject to change anytime without prior notice

Only the best instructors can produce the best results

Our team of instructors are not here just to deliver a lecture but to inspire you and guide you to make your dream come true

Muhammad Azhar Khan

3D Designer