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Bahauddin Zakariya University Bzu Multan

  • Public Institution
  • +92 61 9210071
  • Bosan Road, Multan 60000

Bachelors Courses at Bahauddin Zakariya University Bzu Multan

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
BEd Anthropology Admissions
BEd Communication Studies Admissions
BEd Criminology Admissions
BEd Education Admissions
BEd Education Planning & Management Admissions
BEd Geography Admissions
BEd International Relations Admissions
BEd Islamic Studies Admissions
BEd LLB Admissions
BEd Library Science Admissions
BEd Social Work Admissions
BEd Special Education Admissions
BEd Sports Science Admissions
BS Business Administration
LLB 5 years Admissions
BS Physics Admissions
BS Chemistry
BS Biochemistry
BS Mathematics Admissions
BS Statistics Admissions
BS Botany
BS Zoology
BS Biotechnology
BS Environmental Science
BS Computer Science (BSCS) Admissions
BS Information Technology
BS Transportation System BSTS
BS Microbiology
BSc Agricultural Engineering
BSc Food Sciences & Technology
BS Urdu Admissions
BS English Admissions
BS Islamic Studies
BS Arabic
BS Arthropology
Bachelor of Public Administration BPA Admissions
BS Social Work
BS Library & Information Science
BS Public Policy
BS Criminology
BS Public Finance
BS Educational Planning & Management
BS Economics
BS International Relation
BS Education
BS Pakistan Studies
BEd Admissions
BS Applied Psychology
BS Sociology
BS Communication Studies Admissions
BS Gender Studies
BS History Admissions
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine DVM
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration Admissions
BS Accounting & Finance
BS Commerce
LLB 5 Years Admissions
BBA Banking & Finance Admissions
Bachelor of Fine Arts BFA Admissions
Bachelor of Designing Admissions
Bachelor Architecture Admissions
BSc Civil Engineering
BSc Electrical Engineering
BSc Mechanical Engineering
BSc Computer Engineering
BSc Building & Architectural Engineering
BSc Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
BSc Textile Engineering
BS Education Planning & Management EPM
BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Associate Degree in Livestock Management
BA Pakistan Study Admissions
BS Sensory Education
BSc Poultry Sciences (Hons)
BSc Farm Management
B.Ed Secondary 5 years
BSc (Hons) Agriculture Water Management
BSc (Hons) Agriculture
BEd (Hons) Elementary Admissions
BS Philosophy
BS Political Science
BS Saraiki
BS Education
BS Communication Studies Admissions
BS Special Education
B.Sc (Hons) Agri Business & Marketing
BS Forestry

Masters Courses at Bahauddin Zakariya University Bzu Multan

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MA Anthropology
MA Communication Studies
MA Criminology
MA Education
MA EPM Education Planning & Management
MA Geography
MA International Relations
MA Islamic Studies
MA Library Science
MA Pakistan Studies
MA Psychology
MA Social Work
MA Special Education
MA Sports Science
MSc Anthropology
MSc Communication Studies
MSc Criminology
MSc Education
MSc EPM Education Planning & Management
MSc Geography
MSc International Relations
MSc Islamic Studies
MSc LLB Admissions
MSc Library Science
MSc Pakistan Studies
MSc Psychology
MSc Social Work
MSc Special Education
MSc Sports Science
Master of Anthropology
MCom Communication Studies
MCom Education
MSE Education Planning & Management
Master of Geography
MCom International Relations
MCom Library Science
MCom Special Education
MCom Sports Science
MSc Electrical Engineering
MSc Textile Engineering
MSc Materials Engineering
MSc Biotechnology
MSc Botany
MSc Physics
MSc Applied Physics
MSc Zoology
MSc Chemistry
MSc Biochemistry
MSc Statistics
Master Computer Science MCS
Master Information Technology MIT
MSc Transportation System
MA Urdu Admissions
MA Arabic
MA English Admissions
MA English Literature Admissions
MA Siraiki
Master of Public Admin MPA
MSc Public Finance
Master Library & Information Science MLIS
MSc Public Policy
MSc Economics
Master Business Economics
MS Communication Studies
MA Political Science
MA Governance & Public Policy
MA Gender Studies
MSc Applied Psychology
MA Philosophy
MA History Admissions
MSc Sociology
MBA Master of Business Administration Admissions
MSc Accounting & Finance
MBA Banking & Finance Admissions
MBA Human Resource Management Admissions
MBA Marketing & Financial Services Admissions
MSc Insurance & Risk Management
MSc Computer Science
MSc Education
Master Public Finance
MSc Library & Information Sciences
Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource
Postgraduate Diploma in Food & Nutrition
MS Arabic
MS Criminology
MS Commerce
MS Economics
MS Education
MS English Admissions
MS History Admissions
MS International Relations
MS Islamic Studies
MS Psychology
MS Public Administration
MS Pakistan Studies
MS Sociology
MS Mathematics
MS Special Education
MS Political Science
MS Urdu Admissions
MS Geography
MSc Civil Engineering
MSc Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
MSc Textile Engineering
MBE Master of Business Economics
MSc Mathematics
MSc Sociology
Master in Library and Information Science
MA Public Adinistration
MA Public Policy

M. Phil Courses at Bahauddin Zakariya University Bzu Multan

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MPhil Social Sciences
MPhil Public Administration
MPhil Arabic
MPhil Criminology
MPhil Communication Studies
MPhil Commerce
MPhil Economics
MPhil Education
MPhil English Admissions
MPhil History Admissions
MPhil International Relations
MPhil Islamic Studies
MPhil Psychology
MPhil Pakistan Studies
MPhil Sociology
MPhil Mathematics
MPhil Special Education
MPhil Political Sciences
MPhil Urdu Admissions
MPhil Geography
MPhil Philosophy
MPhil Gender Studies
MPhil Social Work
MPhil Women Studies
MPhil Development Studies
MPhil Public Policy
MPhil Strategic Studies
MPhil Business Economics
MPhil Education in Distance and Non-formal Education
MPhil Pharmaceutics
MPhil Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmacology
MS/MPhil Business Administration
M.phil (Agricultural Engineering)
M.Phil (Agronomy)
M.Phil (Entomology)
M.Phil (Forestry & Range Management)
M.Phil Horticulture
M.Phil (Plant Breeding & Genetics)
M.Phil (Plant Pathology)
M.Phil (Food Science & Technology)
M.Phil (Human Nutrition & Dietetics)
M.Phil (Innovation & Entrepreneurship)
M.Phil (Islamic Thought & Culture)
M.Phil (Bio Chemistry)
M.Phil (Computer Science)
M.Phil (Environmental Science)
M.Phil (Information Technology)
M.Phil Physics
M.Phil (Statistics)
M.Phil (Chemistry)
M.Phil (Biotechnology)
M.Phil (Botany)
M.Phil (Zoology)
M.Phil (Microbiology)
M.Phil (Parasitology)
M.Phil (Pathology)
M.Phil (B.Ed Secondary)
MPhil Pharmacy Practice

Ph. D Courses at Bahauddin Zakariya University Bzu Multan

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
PhD Social Sciences
PhD Pharmacy
PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PhD Pharmaceutics
PhD Mathematics
PhD Statistics
PhD Arabic
PhD Pakistan Studies
PhD Commerce
PhD Chemistry
PhD Agronomy
PhD Horticulture
PhD Plant Breeding & Genetics
PhD Plant Pathology
PhD Entomology
PhD Foresty & Range Management
PhD Veterinary Sciences
PhD Agriculture Engineering
PhD Biotechnology
PhD Education
PhD Communication Studies
PhD Gender Studies
PhD Programs
PhD Economics
PhD History Admissions
PhD Physics
PhD Mass Communication
PhD Food and Nutrition
PhD Agricultural Extension
PhD Teacher Education
PhD Educational Planning & Management EPM
PhD Special Education
PhD Shariah
PhD Islamic Studies
PhD Islamic Studies General
PhD Business Administration
Ph.D (Food Science & Technology)
Ph.D (Political Science)
Ph.D (Urdu) Admissions
Ph.D (Computer Science)
Ph.D (Botany)
Ph.D (Zoology)
Ph.D (Parasitology)
PhD Pharmacology
PhD Law

Others Courses at Bahauddin Zakariya University Bzu Multan

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
Diploma in Ifta
Diploma in Islamic Finance
Diploma in Islamic Law
Diploma in Preaching methods
Diploma in Laboratory Technician
Diploma in Veterinary Assistant
Diploma in Fashion Designing
Diploma in Agriculture Assistant
Diploma in Dispenser
Diploma in Sales & Marketing
Diploma in Computer Hardware & Programing
Diploma in Medical Entomology
Diploma in Nursing
Diploma in Gynecology
Certificate in Clinical Psychology
Certificate in Hospital Management
Certificate in Health & Physical Education
Certificate in Graphic Designing
Certificate in Musicology
Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology
Diploma in Poultry Assistant
Diploma in Dairy Bird Management
Diploma in Environment Control Sheed Supervisor
Diploma in ELT
Certificate in Arabic Language
Certificate in Spoken English Admissions
Diploma in Livestock Assistant
Certificate in Arabic Language
Diploma in Translate of Holy Quran