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The viva test is an interview conducted by a panel to evaluate the moral characteristics, leadership qualities, ethical qualities, knowledge, creativity, mindfulness, and intelligence. Furthermore, the candidates are also asked about the extracurricular activities and their areas of interest. At the time of the interview, the committee has all the academic and other records of the aspirant in front of them. The candidates must have a strong command over their activities such as hobbies and games. There are certain things that help the candidate to secure well in the viva voce such as

Good Communications Skills

Good Speaking Skills

Power of Creativity


High Moral Value

The CSS viva test consists of 300 marks and it is mandatory for the candidate to achieve at least 100 marks in the interview. If the candidate failed to achieve passing marks then he/she will not be appointed.

Important Guidelines

As per the instruction of the FPSC the candidate must have the basic information and knowledge about Islam and the history of Pakistan. The interview panel may ask questions related to these areas.

The non-Muslims are not asked about the questions about the Islamic subjects

It is recommended to the aspirants to prepare well before the viva voce to attain maximum marks.

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