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Biology constitutes a significant portion of MDCAT because the maximum numbers of MCQs are being asked from this portion. For the preparation of biology, FSC textbooks are very important. MDCAT Biology syllabus also comprises of topics from the textbooks and the student can gain maximum marks by doing the preparation according to the syllabus mentioned by the respective authorities. Have a look at the UHS MDCAT biology syllabus 2021 with the division of the chapters. Note down all the important points and prepare according to the UHS entry test biology syllabus 2021.

The cell

Biological molecules

Chromosomes and DNA

Cell division

Variety of life


Gas exchange

Transport in plants

Transport in humans



Muscle and movement






NUMS Biology Syllabus

NUMS syllabus is very important as it provides the details about the NUMS entry test paper pattern 2021. The NUMS biology syllabus describes all the chapters and topics that are included in the test. For the convenience of students, has uploaded the online NUMS biology syllabus on this platform. Moreover, it can also be downloaded so that students can prepare the test in an organized way. Check the biology Syllabus NUMS stated below.

1 Cell Biology 08
2 Cell membrane and transport 03
3 Biological molecules 10
4 Microbiology 05
5 Kingdom Animalia 05
6 Human Physiology 20
7 Infectious diseases 03
8 Bioenergetics 04
9 Biotechnology 04
10 Ecosystem 04
11 Evolution and Genetics 04
  Evolution and Genetics 04
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