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03 February, 2021 Views 28

Senate Approves Bill To Teach Arabic In Educational Institutes Of Islamabad

Senate has approved the bill to make the Arabic language compulsory in all the educational institutes across Islamabad. According to the bill, the students from grades one to five will be taught the Arabic language and the students of classes six to eleven should also learn the Arabic grammar. The bill was moved by Javed Abbasi who demanded that the students must be aware of this language and in this regard, the government should take the necessary measures. Moreover, it has been directed that the bill will be implemented within six months. The directives have been issued to the concerned authorities to make the preparations. 

Arabic Language

During the session of the senate, Javed Abbasi said that the daily prayers and Quran were recited in Arabic so the language should be also a part of the curriculum. In this students can have the string command over this language. Arabic is the official language of almost 25 countries and is also considered the fifth largest language across the world. The minister said that by learning this language the students will be able to get more job opportunities in the Middle East countries. Due to this reason, he urged the students to learn it and also understand the teachings of the Quran. Abbasi also added that different languages should be taught to the students such as Russian and Spanish as he is in the favor of the students must get to know about the diverse languages to explore more and a wide range of learning opportunities. 

Teachings Of Quran 

Earlier the bill was passed by the national assembly to teach the Quran in the universities and higher educational institutes with the Urdu translation. It had been informed to the authorities to make the proper arrangements for the understanding of the Quran in the universities. It was said that it is mandatory for the students to have a better understanding of the Holy book so that they can implement the teaching of Islam in their daily life.