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27 October, 2020 Views 925

The University Of Okara Invites Applicants For BS, MSc, And MPhil Programs

Okara University, a Public university in Okara, opens admissions for various programs. Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, and Faculty of Computing call for applicants on BS, MSc, and MPhil level. The length of BS Programs is 4 years while the length of MSc programs and MPhil programs is 2 years at the University of Okara. Students can apply easily for the programs offered at the University of Okara by visiting the online portal. The last date to apply for the programs on November 27, 2020. The list of the programs that are being offered at the University of Okara is given below.

List Of The Offered Programs
BS Social Work (Morning and Self-Support basis)
MSc Social Work (Morning and Self-Support basis)
BS Anthropology (Morning and Self-Support basis)
MSc Anthropology (Morning and Self-Support basis)
MPhil Sociology (Morning and Self-Support basis)
MSc Public Administration (Morning and Self-Support basis)
BS Criminology (Morning and Self-Support basis)
MSc Criminology (Morning and Self-Support basis)
MSc Communication Studies (Self-Support basis)
MPhil Fisheries & Aquaculture (Morning and Self-Support basis)
MPhil Wildlife & Ecology (Morning and Self-Support basis)
BS Data Science (Self-Support basis)

Importance Of The Offered Programs
The University of Okara is an evolving institution of Higher Education in Pakistan. The programs that the University of Okara is offering have special importance. First of all, every program offered is being provided by a Public University that is affiliated with HEC. Secondly, the fee structure of these programs makes them very affordable for the students. Thirdly, these programs are relatively new to be offered in the country, hence making them great from a future perspective. Students upon completion of these programs can go on to obtain further education in government or private institutions. And students can also join the professional world by getting a job at any public or private corporation. After the COVID-19 situation this year, all boards of Pakistan announced late results. Delayed announcement of results and later on the Special exams have disturbed the process of admissions in Universities in Pakistan. So it is a great opportunity for the students to apply now for these programs.