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Question: 1
What were reasons Norma gave to her husband to accept offer?
Answer: 1
Norma told her husband that it might be a kind of psychological research or some strange millionaire was doing it,.She argued that it was immoral to kill an unknown person by a strange method to get mobet and improved their lives.
Question: 2
Why did Norma consider the tone and attitude of Mr.Steward offensive?
Answer: 2
Norma consider the tone and attitude of Mr.Steward offensive because she had already told Stewards that she was rather busy but insisted on talking to her.
Question: 3
What was the message Norma received on pushing the button?
Answer: 3
Norma received a message from Lenox Hill hospital that her husband was pushed from the platform in front of train by a shoving crowd.
Question: 4
Why did Stewards continue persuading Norma?
Answer: 4
Stewards did so because Norma wanted to do the experiment,He has observed her interest in the conversation and felt that she could be tempted easily.
Question: 5
Write a brief note on the character of Arthur?
Answer: 5
Mr.Arthur has literacy taste,He is hospitable because he takes Mr,Stewards into the living room.,He is not a satisfied with the discussion about the push button,he asks Mr,Stewards to leave.It shoes his straightforwardness.
Question: 6
What was written on folded piece of paper scotched tapped to the bottom of the box?
Answer: 6
It was written on the folded piece of paper "Mr Steward will call on you at 8 pm"
Question: 7
Did Norma remain normal on hearing the news of accident of her husband?
Answer: 7
No,Norma did not remain normal on hearing the news of ,She could neither seen to breathe nor walk,She felt numb,She started smashing the button unit of the skin edge,
Question: 8
What did Norma do with the card halves while leaving for office?
Answer: 8
In the morning,the card halved were still laying on the table. Norma picked them up and put them into her purse,She wanted to known what had been written on them.
Question: 9
Why did Arthur disagree with his wife?
Answer: 9
Arthur disagreed with his wife because he considered it immoral to kill some unknown persons just for the sake of money ,He also called it a murder.
Question: 10
What did Mr.Steward leave the card on the table?
Answer: 10
Mr,Steward knew that greedy nature of woman,He left the card on the table to contact him if Norma like because he was sure of it.
Question: 11
What is the significance of Authur;s life insurance policy?
Answer: 11
Arthur had a life insurance policy for $25000 with double indemnity in case of accidental death,It is quite significant, because the same money was promised by Steward as reward.
Question: 12
What were the feelings of Jess old father at the age of 70?
Answer: 12
At the age of 70 ,the old man was feeling very fine and satisfied,He was happy thay he had lived the period allotted by God.
Question: 13
Why did Norma try to persuade her husband to agree with her?
Answer: 13
Norma persuaded her husband because she wanted to get money to improve their life style.She wanted to get a nicer apartment,furniture ,clothes and a car.
Question: 14
Why did the old man take the steep path?
Answer: 14
Because he has strong determination,He also want to improve and test his physical fitness and stamina,He in fact wanted to prove that a man could do everything of he had strong will power to do it.
Question: 15
Why did jess at the age of size cry?
Answer: 15
Tha father made his sons a wooden plough when he was only six years old.Once it was lost in furrows,The son began to cry.
Question: 16
What did Mr.Steward tell them about the push button?
Answer: 16
Mr.Steward told Mr.and Mrs Arthur Lewis if they pushed the button,somewhere in the world someone they did not know would die,In return they would get 50 thousand dollars.
Question: 17
What did he do after drawing out the envelope?
Answer: 17
He drew out an envelope ,He said that inside it was a key to the bell unit dome,The bell was connected to their office.
Question: 18
Describe the vegetable the old man grew on his farm?
Answer: 18
The old man grew yams,tomatoes and potatoes on his farm.
Question: 19
Why did Jess father fence around his field?
Answer: 19
The old man had cleared this patch of land very diligently.He had also fenced it all by himself,He had done so lest stray cattle should spoil its fertility.
Question: 20
Where did the old man take his son?
Answer: 20
The old man tool his son to the patch of land he had cleared,He had grown different vegetables there.
Question: 21
Why did jess old father not follow the advice of the doctors?
Answer: 21
Because he had to work hard to support his family,He took his illness as a challenge,With the help of his strong power,he wanted to prove his doctors wrong.
Question: 22
What did they want to grow?
Answer: 22
They wanted to grow crops and raise children until the end of the war,They were husband and daughter and started weeping,They felt stranded on Mars,Harry was drenched in sweat.
Question: 23
What had the doctors advised the old man to do?
Answer: 23
The doctor had advised the old man many times to avoid hard work,they had asked him not to climb,they had advised him to stay at home with his family.
Question: 24
How did the old man plough the patch of land?
Answer: 24
He did his work very easily ,It was significant that he ploughed it even when he was seventy years old just as he did it during his young age.
Question: 25
What did the radio flash tell?
Answer: 25
The radio flash tolf that the atom bombs hit new york and all the space rockets were destroyed.They would be safe at mars.
Question: 26
What was the offer from Mr.Steward?
Answer: 26
Norma was a selfish and greedy lady,She wanted 50000 dollars even if someone was killed,However she desired to have comforts in life which she thought.
Question: 27
What was the condition of their houses?
Answer: 27
The wind did something to their houses,The air had burnt it.All the boards were out of shape.
Question: 28
What were the weather condition when jess and his father began to climb?
Answer: 28
At that time it was 97 in the shade was sweltering hot.Moreover they has to go uphill.
Question: 29
Describe the physical appearance of old man?
Answer: 29
The old man was 70 years old ,He was physically a weak person.He hold a can in is hand,When he talked his voice rose with excitement.
Question: 30
Why did Harry wants go back to Earth?
Answer: 30
Harry wanted to go back to earth because he felt the danger of unfavourable climate at Mars.
Question: 31
What Climate they face?
Answer: 31
They faced ver severe climate,.The wind blew as if to destroy their identities .The air burny their houses,the boards went out of shape,There was fog at night.It became very hot in summer.
Question: 32
What was the advice Harry gave to the people?
Answer: 32
Harry advised them to build a rocket to go back earth.
Question: 33
Why did harry tried to built the rocket?
Answer: 33
Harry tried to build the rocket to go back to the earth.
Question: 34
How did Roger look physically?
Answer: 34
He was about fourteen and fifteen years old,He was very week physically.
Question: 35
How dangerous can be Marital virus be?
Answer: 35
A martian virus can be very dangerous for earthen people,It can change their appearance and make them lose their earth identify.
Question: 36
What was the reaction of Washington jones when the boy fell down?
Answer: 36
The larger woman simply turned around and kicked the boy,She picked the boy up by his shirt front and shook him severely and ordered him to pick up her purse.
Question: 37
What did the man feel when he stepped on Mars?
Answer: 37
The man felt his hair flutter and the tissue of his body drew tight as if he were standing at the center of vacuum.
Question: 38
What was the effect of the king behavior of the woman on the boy?
Answer: 38
He was impressed by her ,He offered his help to bring something from the store,When the woman made him eat the supper he was satisfied .Then the woman gave him ten dollars and let him go.
Question: 39
What did the Americans leave the Earth for the Mars?
Answer: 39
Because they feared that one day nuclear war might break out on earth,It would destroy the whole earth.They would be safe on Mars.
Question: 40
Why did not boy run from the house of woman?
Answer: 40
The boy was ashamed of this act.He wanted to established his trust,The woman gave him confidence by not keeping an eye on him.This was the reason that he did not run from the house of women.
Question: 41
What is the significance of the title of the storey "Clearing" in the sky:?:
Answer: 41
The title is the key world in the whole story,The father and son go up to this clearing talk about it come down again and the storey end,The storey resolves around it.
Question: 42
Why did the woman not watch Roger while preparing a dish?
Answer: 42
The woman gave the boy confidence that she trusted him,Therefore she did not watch him while preparing dish.
Question: 43
What did the woman want to teach the boy?
Answer: 43
She advised him not to make a mistake of lathing onto her purse nor nobody else,She said that shoes got by devilish ways would burn his feet,She hoped he would change himself.
Question: 44
What was the time when Roger tried to snatch the purse of woman?
Answer: 44
It was about eleven o clock at night when the boy tried to snatch the purse of the woman.
Question: 45
Why did the people think of Hubert when they heard the return of the Pocket book by some other person?
Answer: 45
People were not willing to believe him.They said behind his back that those were lying excuses.They thought that he must have dropped the purse somewhere else.
Question: 46
What was the nature of Mrs.Jone job?
Answer: 46
The woman worked in a hotel beauty shop that strayed open late,Sh dealt all kinds of women like Blondes,redheads and the spanish.
Question: 47
What happens to Roger when he tried to snatch the purse?
Answer: 47
When the boy tried to snatch the purse,the strap broke and with a sudden single tug.He lost his balance and fell down.
Question: 48
What made Hubert shameful?
Answer: 48
Hubert was not believed and people declared him a liar.He felt shame and disgrace to his self esteem and character.
Question: 49
Why did the Mayor not believe the innocence of Mr.Hubert.
Answer: 49
The Mayor did not accept Hubert vision of the incident.He declared that Mr,Manana was worthy person and he had stated was nothing but the truth.
Question: 50
What did the lady tell the boy about her youth?
Answer: 50
She told the boy that she had also done somethings in youth which she could not tell anybody.Everybody had something in common with others but she did not steal anybody purse.
Question: 51
Why did the woman not punish the boy?
Answer: 51
The woman wanted to teach him that evil ideas might come to every body mind,But he should try to shun this evil thinking and try ro behave gently.
Question: 52
Why did George give the pocketbook to his employer?
Answer: 52
George found the pocket book on the road to the village market,He was an illiterate man so he gave it ti his employer.
Question: 53
When did Hubert take his bed?
Answer: 53
Hubert took his bed towards the end of that same month.
Question: 54
What was the condition of Roger when woman gave him a few jerks?
Answer: 54
The boy felt helpless and miserable when the woman gave him a few jerks,Sweat popped out on the boy face and he began to struggle.
Question: 55
Why did people call Hubert an old rascal?
Answer: 55
People made fun of his innocence,They did not believe his storey of string,They began to doubt his statement saying that he was laid,"You old rascal Get out of here".
Question: 56
Why did the people make fun of Hubert innocence?
Answer: 56
Hubert took this incident to his heart and became very week,People thought that his guilt made him ill.They started making fun of him by telling the story of the string.
Question: 57
What are the political views of Jorkens?
Answer: 57
If a person has a certain ambition in politics,must possess this quality.He must be a very good orator but he should never lose sight of his original goal.In politics one must be tolerant to face the opposing arguments.
Question: 58
Why did Manama accuse Hubert of Picking up lost pocket book?
Answer: 58
Manama accused Hubert of Picking the lost pocket book because he had seen him bending over and picking something at the same time and place.He might want to get the reward of 20 shillings.
Question: 59
What was engraved on the tomb - stone of Hubert?
Answer: 59
It was engraved on his tomb,Here lies man who told nothing but truth,Here lies the man ,who would not prove his innocence ,but the flood proved it.
Question: 60
Where did Turbut think of Jorken argument?
Answer: 60
Terbut disagreed and thought that anything could not be got by mere determination.
Question: 61
Why did Gorgios go into politics?
Answer: 61
Gorgios joined politics.He made speeches on various topics,He convinced the public and the rulers that a court acrobat was necessary to make the country strong,At last the post of the court acrobat was created.
Question: 62
What was the view point of the parents of Gorgios?
Answer: 62
His parents told Gorgios that opportunity was required for success and only determination could not serve the purpose.Gorgios learned so late in life that his parents were right after all.
Question: 63
How did Jorkens convince that a man can become a skating champion of the Sahara?
Answer: 63
Jorkens suggested that by making money,building a skating rink in the Sahara and organize competition there;a man can become the champion if he really gives all his time to it.
Question: 64
What was the subject discussed at the club?
Answer: 64
The subject was the need of opportunity and determination for gaining success.
Question: 65
Why did Jorken utter a quiet sight at the end?
Answer: 65
He looked sad because that was the end of his struggle,Now there was no mission ahead,There was nothing to do for him.
Question: 66
Why did Hubert keep claiming his innocence before his death?
Answer: 66
Hubert was blamed and victimized for being a liar,He lost the honour of his words.He wanted to regain his lost reputation therefore he kept claiming his innocence till his death.
Question: 67
What is the moral lesson of the story,"The Reward"?
Answer: 67
The story teaches the lesson that we should be hard working and sincere to our aim.We should stick to it and devote all our energies and time to it.
Question: 68
Did Gorgios use any short cut ti achieve his ambition?
Answer: 68
Gorgios had to stick to his ambition for more that 60 years without using any shortcut or becoming frustrated,After a long struggle finally achieved his ambition.
Question: 69
Why did the stick girl not promptly respond to the instruction of the doctor?
Answer: 69
The sticky girl did not respond promptly to the instruction of the doctor .She remained non cooperative and stubborn,The parents rebuked her on knocking the doctor glasses down.
Question: 70
Did Gorgios persuade his people to make his country strong?
Answer: 70
Gorge persuade his people by preaching them that they should have young athlete at court exhibiting perfect physical fitness,This example would strengthen their soldiers and enable them finally to win the just right and battles for their own country.
Question: 71
What were Jorkens views about success in life?
Answer: 71
To achieve success,Jorkens said that if a man was determined to get anything ,and stuck to a long ,he would get it.
Question: 72
What was the condition of the parents of the sick girl on the arrival of the doctor?
Answer: 72
They parents were very nervous ,They were looking at the doctor distrustfully.
Question: 73
Why was the mouth of the girl bleeding?
Answer: 73
It was because she opened her mouth,she closed it again and broke the wooden blade into pieces,The child moth was bleeding,Her tongue was cut and she was screaming windly.
Question: 74
How did the sick child look by appearance?
Answer: 74
She wa an unusually attractive girl. She was as strong as a young cow in appearance.
Question: 75
What was the Jorken opinion about success for any man?
Answer: 75
Jorkens says that life is like a race in which many people tire after a while and sit down or get interested in something else instead,The man who keeps on wine the race.
Question: 76
Why did the parents rebuka the sick girl?
Answer: 76
The parents rebuked her on knocking the doctor glasses down.
Question: 77
What was the threat of the doctor to the sick child if she did not show her throat?
Answer: 77
The doctor threatend the child that if she did not open her mouth herself,they would open it themselves for her.
Question: 78
What is the moral lesson of the story "The reward"?
Answer: 78
Young people usually don't play heed to the advice of their parents ,This habit is not good.We should be very determination and have faith in ourselves,If we are brave ,w e can face every challenge and try to reduce the bitterness of life.
Question: 79
Why did the parents keep the sick in the kitchen?
Answer: 79
The parents were over anxious about their daughter,The child was running high temperature and might be feeling cold,Hence they were keeping her in the kitchen to keep her warm.
Question: 80
Why did the doctor call the sick girl by her first name?
Answer: 80
The doctor wanted to get friendly with the girl in his professional manner.
Question: 81
What was the advice given by Nushirvan to his people?
Answer: 81
He advised to his people to avoid cruelty,They should be just and kind to each other,It should be kept in mind that a little deed of cruelty can bring about a big ruin.
Question: 82
What did the girl break the wooden blade?
Answer: 82
She broke the wooden blade because the doctor had forcefully inserted this blade into her mouth to open it,She was frightened from the throat examination.
Question: 83
What does Emerson say about "The Gulistan of Sadi"?
Answer: 83
Sometimes a person becomes helpless against heavy odds,He should not lose heart and pray to God because he always helps the needy.
Question: 84
What was the punishment inflicted upon the quack by villagers?
Answer: 84
They punished him to dig the old woman grave and then beat him well and him go.
Question: 85
Why did the boy look to the sky and smile?
Answer: 85
The boy looked to the sky and smiled because his parents,the Qazi and the king agreed to kill him,He prayed to God for help.
Question: 86
What wast the behavior of the sick child with the doctor?
Answer: 86
It was very cold initially and she did not respond at all,Then she became aggressive and knocked his glasses down,She remained violent during her throat examination.
Question: 87
Under what circumstances can the use of force be justified?
Answer: 87
When the sick children resist getting themselves examined,the use of force becomes necessary.When love and kindness fail the use of force is justified.
Question: 88
What should be the role of Qazi be as described in The "The Gulistan of Sa'di"?
Answer: 88
A qazi should be just ,honest and fair ,He should not favour anyone unduly.
Question: 89
What thing did the Persian slave put at rest?
Answer: 89
Two men threw the slave in the sea,When he was about to be drowned ,they pulled him back to the boat ,Then he clung the stern of the boat with both his hands.
Question: 90
How did the king recover in the lesson?
Answer: 90
The king recovered within a week after setting the boy free ,God blessed him with health for his piety.
Question: 91
What were the feelings of the Slave during his journey in the boat?
Answer: 91
The Slave in fear of being drowned began to cry and trembled,he created inconvenience for others.It was because he had not sailed in a bot before this,
Question: 92
What happened to camel?How did the camel men cure their camel?
Answer: 92
A melon got stuck in the throat of a camel.The owner feared that it might not die,He tied a blanket round his neck and struck him with a mallet .The melon broke and it went down.
Question: 93
What was the condition of the tonsils of the girl?
Answer: 93
At last the doctor succeeded in opening the mouth of the girl,He was greatly upset to see her throat,The tonsils of the sick girl were in a very bad condition,They were covered with membrane.
Question: 94
Why did the king weep?
Answer: 94
The king wept because he realized his selfishness and felt ashamed of his intention of killing an innocent boy.
Question: 95
What was the effect of a stick on the camel?
Answer: 95
By the heavy stick beat,the camel merely moved a step or two forward.
Question: 96
What are locusts?
Answer: 96
Locusts are large insects that live in hot countries and fly in large groups destroying all the planets and crops of an area.
Question: 97
What is the moral of this lesson "The Foolish Quack" ?
Answer: 97
We get lesson that a little learning always leads towards disaster.
Question: 98
Why did Qazi issue a decree to shed the blood of the boy?
Answer: 98
The Qazi issued the decree shed the blood of the boy to save the life of the king.It was because physicians had agreed to the kind also wanted to do so.,
Question: 99
What did the quack do in the next village?
Answer: 99
He claimed that he was a great doctor.An old man offered himself for the treatment.This time the quack told the people that he would try his best to cure the disease.But if he would be killed during the treatment he would not be compelled to dig the grave.
Question: 100
What was the reaction of the villagers when he set the condition?
Answer: 100
The villages exclaimed that he was very strange doctor,Before beginning the treatment he was taking of diggent the patient grave.
Question: 101
What did Quack pretended to cure?What was the result of his cure?
Answer: 101
The quack pretended to cure the goiter ,The result was disastrous.The old woman could not bead it and died instantly.
Question: 102
Why did the Quack unconscious after the blow of the sticks?
Answer: 102
The camel-man struck the man with a stick with which he had struck the camel,He wanted to show him the effect of the same stick on a man,.The striking felled the man to the earth like fog an felled unconscious.
Question: 103
What was the condition of tress when the locusts attacked?
Answer: 103
The trees were queer ,still and barren.They were clotted with insects,Their boughs weighed to the ground.
Question: 104
What was remedy suggested by physicians for king disease?
Answer: 104
The physician suggested that the disease could not be cured except by means of nile of a person having certain qualities.
Question: 105
Why didn't the villagers let the old man cure?
Answer: 105
The villagers did not trust the quack because he was talking of killing the patient even before the start of the treatment.
Question: 106
Why did quack come back to the camel men?
Answer: 106
The quack came back to the camel men because he thought that they had not shown him the right way to cure that disease,He wanted to learn the correct method.
Question: 107
What were the Orator views about the governor of Alabama?
Answer: 107
The Governor of Alabama was a prejudiced white man,His policies were against the black people of the state,He deprived the black people of their legal right.
Question: 108
What was the desire of every farmer?
Answer: 108
Every farmer wanted the locusts move the next farm and overlook his farm.
Question: 109
How did old Stephan treat the stray locust which he found in his shirt?
Answer: 109
Old Stephan picked up the stray locust off his pocket and split it down with his thumbnail,It was clotted with eggs.
Question: 110
How old Stephan treat stray locust which he found in his pockets?
Answer: 110
He picked it and split down with his thumb nail.
Question: 111
What was the cause of Negro discontentment?
Answer: 111
They were discontented because they were treated as slaves,They were economically very weal,They faced injustice and oppression,The blacks were hated just because of their colour.
Question: 112
Why did the farmers throw wet leaves on fire?
Answer: 112
They wanted to make the smoke acrid and black so they threw leaves in the fire.
Question: 113
What is a clump of tree>
Answer: 113
A clump of tree is a group or cluster of tree growing very closer to one another.
Question: 114
Why did feel proud in the beauty of her hair?
Answer: 114
Della felt proud in the beauty of her hair because it was more beautiful than any queen jewels and gifts.It was like a falling stream of brown water,It reached below her knee.
Question: 115
Do the Negroes enjoy liberty in all the parts of their country?
Answer: 115
In Martin Luther king time,the Negroes did not enjoy liberty but now they have equal right in all parts.
Question: 116
Did Margaret lose heart on the loss of crops?
Answer: 116
Margaret lost heart to see the devastated and manages land,She felt like a survivor after the war.
Question: 117
Why are locusts compared with bad weather?
Answer: 117
Locusts are compared with bad weather because both are harmful for the crops and both are imminent.
Question: 118
Why did Della and Jim want to exchange the gifts?
Answer: 118
They loved each other and could not live the through Christmas without giving each other a gift.
Question: 119
What was the result of the cure of the old woman?
Answer: 119
The result was disastrous,The old woman could not bear it and died instantly.
Question: 120
What did Luther hope about his for little children?
Answer: 120
Luther had a dream that one day his four little children would live in a nation where they would not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.
Question: 121
Why did she feel sad on losing her hair?
Answer: 121
Della liked her hair more than anything else,It was precious to her,therefore,she felt sad on losing her hairs,She was afraid that Jim would not like her without her hair.
Question: 122
What are the slums and ghettos?
Answer: 122
Areas where very popular live and which are in very bad conditions are called slums,Areas where a minority lives in isolation due too economic and social pressure is called ghettos.
Question: 123
What was the necessity of pleading the case of Negroes of Freedom?
Answer: 123
It was necessary because Negroes were the victims of oppression,They were spending the lived of their slavery.They had no right for themselves.
Question: 124
0Who was Shamim Ahmad and whim did he marry?
Answer: 124
He was the only son of Hafiz Abdul Rahim,He married Maulvi Abdul daughter Mehrunnisa.
Question: 125
Who was Martin Luther King Jr?
Answer: 125
Martin Luther King was the leader of the Negro freedom fighter,He led many sit ins and processions in southern areas.
Question: 126
What should be the criterion of judgment for a person?
Answer: 126
The criterion of Judgment for a person should not be the color of his skin but the qualities of his character.
Question: 127
What is the central idea or the story,"The Gift of the Magi"?
Answer: 127
The Magi were wonderfully wise men who brought gifts to the newborn Christ child,They were first to give Christmas gifts.Both children are the Magi of these days.
Question: 128
What should be the faith of Negroes?
Answer: 128
They should have the faith that unearned suffering are redemptive.
Question: 129
How much did Della save for Christmas?
Answer: 129
She could save only one dollar and eighty seven cents for Christmas.
Question: 130
What are the qualities of the veterans of creative suffering?
Answer: 130
It means that they have been tormented each time in a new way.So they have become the experienced soldier of intellectual sufferings,They have all borne all this for freedom.
Question: 131
Did Margaret known what to do to keep the locusts away?
Answer: 131
Margarey knew nothing how to keep the locusts away.
Question: 132
Who was Chaudhary Fatehbad?
Answer: 132
Ch.Fatehabad was the member of the District Board,He was kind hearted person,He helped Maulvi Abdul with food,money ,gifts and clothes.
Question: 133
What kinds of songs were sung by the girls at Mehrun's marriage?
Answer: 133
They sang songs of love and friendship ,flower and their fragrance ,and the romantic rainy season.They also sang sweet songs of excitement of union and prangs of separation.
Question: 134
Why did Jim not welcome her when he stepped in ?
Answer: 134
Jim had bought Della favourite combs but she had not lost her hairs,Jim became surprised to see it and felt it deeply so he did not welcome her.
Question: 135
Why was Della worried?
Answer: 135
Della was worried for the gift of her husband.
Question: 136
What did Jim bring out of his coat?
Answer: 136
From inside his coat,jim took out something ties in a paper and threw it upon the table,When Della pulled off the paper and found in it the combs,she loved for a long time.
Question: 137
What is the moral of story "Overcoat"?
Answer: 137
The story is pungent satire upon the society. The rich look down upon the poor.The poor try to hide their poverty by many ways.The story teaches us a moral lesson that human beings should by judged by their character and not by their appearance.
Question: 138
At what point of journey in his dream did the author hear the throbbing sound of wings?
Answer: 138
When the author was up in the sky and little brightness of the earth from the dark cloud was seen,he heard the throbbing sound of wings.
Question: 139
Who was Shamim Ahmad?Why did he leaves his village?
Answer: 139
He was the only son of Hafiz Abdul Rahim.At 16 he left the village and went to the city to try his luck,He opened a small shop and began selling cut pieces there,After gaining some experience he returned to his village.
Question: 140
What can be heard outside?
Answer: 140
The sound of heavy rain and large bursts of thunder can be heard outside.
Question: 141
What was the total saving of Maulvi Abul?
Answer: 141
Maulvi abdul collected a cotton bag containing 150 to 200 rupees on every Eid.
Question: 142
How beautiful was the gold watch chain?
Answer: 142
Jim gold watch was more beautiful than any valuable thing with the king.
Question: 143
What did the girl see when she was walking along the road?
Answer: 143
The girl can ran out of gas.She looked her car,On the way she saw a car coming out of lane,She saw a man dragging a dead body of a woman out of the car and throwing it in mud.
Question: 144
What was beneath the scarf?
Answer: 144
beneath the scarf there was neither a tie nor a coller.Not even a shirt.
Question: 145
What is the theme of kreton study?
Answer: 145
Kreton says that he studied the planet earth and its inhabitants,This is his favourite theme of study.
Question: 146
How did the eyes of Maulvi Abdul look?
Answer: 146
Maulvi Abdul had slightly bulging eyes.
Question: 147
What was the condition of the weather .
Answer: 147
The weather was unfavorable,It was raining heavily with thundering and lightning.
Question: 148
Why did Jim sell the gold watch?
Answer: 148
Jim sold his gold watch because he wanted to nut a beautiful; gift for Della.
Question: 149
What is the appearance of the Second Man?
Answer: 149
He is nondescript sort of person,he is Tail nice looking and about thirty years of age.
Question: 150
What was Martin Luther hope about black and white children?
Answer: 150
Martin hoped that one day black girl and boys would walk together with white girls and boys as sisters and brothers.
Question: 151
What kind of music was played in one of the restaurant?
Answer: 151
An orchestra was being played in one of the restaurant.
Question: 152
What was general power thinking?
Answer: 152
General power asked Kreton to tell him what he was thinking at the moments Kreton told him that he was thinking about his promotion.
Question: 153
How did the girl reaches the bus station and what did she lose on the way?
Answer: 153
The girl was terrified to see a person dragging a dead body from his car.She ran to escape from the man.However she happened to lose her flash light on the way on confusion.
Question: 154
What was Abul's turban known as and where did its originally come from?
Answer: 154
His turban was known as Mashadi lungi,and it originally came from Mashad in Iran.
Question: 155
What was circumstances that forced the girl to leave her car?
Answer: 155
She ran out of gas therefore she had to leave her car.
Question: 156
Why did the people come out on the Mall?
Answer: 156
The cold induced the people to seek comfort in pleasure,They gathered on the Mall where they amused themselves among the variety of hotels ,restaurants cafes and snack bars ,each according to his means.
Question: 157
What is the opinion of General Powers about Kreton?
Answer: 157
He thinks that the flying object has been sent by another civilization on another planet for the observation of the earth and the people on it.,They want to attack the world.
Question: 158
What article were found in pocket of the young men?
Answer: 158
After the death ,his pockets were searched and few things were found.These included small comb,as handkerchief,six anns and few pies,a half smoked cigarette ,a diary a list of gramophone record and few handbills.
Question: 159
What does Clay want to put in the local newspaper?
Answer: 159
Clay want to put an ad in the local newspaper for his father.
Question: 160
Who took the young man after accident to hospital?
Answer: 160
A car was stopped and he was loaded into ot and taken to a nearby hospital by the passersby.
Question: 161
Why did the girl let out muffled cry?
Answer: 161
There was a flash of lightning,The light in the room dimmed slowly and went out,The girl got frightened and let out a muffled cry,.
Question: 162
What happened when the overcoat was removed from young man body?
Answer: 162
When the overcoat was removed ,there was only an old cotton sweater which was all in holes.
Question: 163
Why did tangewala rush towards the young man?
Answer: 163
The Tona-wallas and Taxi drivers were attracted to him but he was not interested in any of them.
Question: 164
What does Kreton decide to stay further on the earth?
Answer: 164
Kreton is happy with the dealings of the speldings,He decides to stay more to give Spelding a chance to interview him as he want to be the first journalist to interview him.
Question: 165
What were the people who came on the mall,wearing?
Answer: 165
Most of the people wearing overcoat which was of every kind from the astrakhan to the tough military khaki such as is found in large bundles at the second hand cloth shop.
Question: 166
What did he see London last?
Answer: 166
He looked at London and saw the long line of electric lamps bordering the Embankment,Later nothing remain but a dim light that seemed buried beneath darkness.
Question: 167
What is Miss Mccutcheon looking for?How does she feel about children?
Answer: 167
Miss Mccutcheon is looking for a chance to teach,She feels that the children do not care about their education,She fails to control them.
Question: 168
What kind of the life did Maulvi Abdul lead before his marriage?
Answer: 168
Before marriage Maulvi Barkat led a comfortable life.He always wore Mashdi turban shining with gilded tip on his head.He always wore silver rings on his fingers.
Question: 169
What does the author like about Christmas?
Answer: 169
All people become generous ,good and virtuous on Christmas,They do a lot of good deeds during this period,All this is delightful and sensational for him.
Question: 170
What did he bring out from his coat?
Answer: 170
He brought out a beautiful set of combs with jewels,Once Della had liked them.
Question: 171
What was the conduct of the people when they saw the accident?
Answer: 171
The people who witnessed the incident stopped,turned to look and some stood watching no one came to help him.
Question: 172
What did the girl see in the flash of lightning?
Answer: 172
This is the flashlight that the girl drops on the road when she is afraid of the man who is pulling the woman out of the car,She recognize it and pulls at it.
Question: 173
Why could not the girl describe the killer?
Answer: 173
It was dark and the girl could not see the killer clearly,She could only have a glance of him in the lighting because she was very confused and scared.
Question: 174
What was the angel holding?
Answer: 174
The angel was holding a bulky book in which all the good deeds of all people during the last weeks were recorded.
Question: 175
What kind of Gadget does writer describe in the play?
Answer: 175
The writer describe the gadget that is like a safety razor with which anybody can give anybody else haircut.
Question: 176
Why does the girl prefer to stay with the first man instead of accompanying the second man?
Answer: 176
The truth was revealed when the first man took out the flash light which she had left at the place of incident and she identified it.
Question: 177
Where does the play takes place?
Answer: 177
It takes place inside a bus station along a deserted highway somewhere in the Midwest.
Question: 178
According to Harry ,how does one bring merriment to tried old human heart?
Answer: 178
he says that once can composed a symphony,paint a picture,writing a book or invent a philosophy to bring merriment to the tried human heart.
Question: 179
What are the factors that played a role in saving the girl?
Answer: 179
The girl proves very lucky because circumstances favour her everywhere.She runs of the road and into the woods,A dog somes there by chance,It jumps and seizes the Man with its sharp teeth and forces the first man to run away.
Question: 180
How much advanced is civilization of Kreton than that of earth?
Answer: 180
Kreton claims that the civilization on the planet earth is just beginning,They can read the minds of earthly people.They can travel in machines without instruments.They see everyone through special monitors and recreators.
Question: 181
Why does girl ask for help from the first man in the bus station?
Answer: 181
She asked First Man to help her because somebody was chasing her,She thought that the first man could save her as he was the only person who could help her.
Question: 182
What was the recording angel tired?
Answer: 182
He acknowledged that Christmas was a trying period for him.People do a lot of good deeds,He had to write down those deeds,
Question: 183
What were the two sources of inspiration for Maulvi Abul?
Answer: 183
Almighty Allah and Chaudhary Fatehabad were the two main sources of inspiration for Maulvi Abul,He relied on them only.
Question: 184
Why did the girl not want to go to the police?
Answer: 184
She did not want to go the police because she was too afraid and did not have complete information.
Question: 185
Why did the driver of the truck speed away after the accident?
Answer: 185
He slowed down for a moment but realizing that something serious had happened ,sped away into the night.
Question: 186
How did the girl run to escape from the man?
Answer: 186
The girl has dropped her flashlight and started running to escape from the killer,The killer or man was running after the girl,She ran into the jungle,She circle round and then fell down.
Question: 187
How did the nurse of the hospital comment on the youngman?
Answer: 187
Nurse Shehnaz said to nurse Gill that the young man seemed belonging to well-to- do family.
Question: 188
What were the things placed in Harry Shops?
Answer: 188
There were placed some shells,pieces of driftwood,a life jacket ,a rope and sea plants. There is an old fashioned chair.
Question: 189
How did the girl realize the truth?
Answer: 189
When the first man pulled out her flashlight from his pocket which she had dropped,She recognized it and realized the truth.
Question: 190
What did the girl do when the second men left the bus station?
Answer: 190
After the Second Man had left ,the girl felt that it was not the school man who had been chasing her.
Question: 191
What happens when the sun shine brightly?
Answer: 191
When the rain stops,the shining rays of the sun brighten every dark,Thus the whole atmosphere look charming and bright,The people come out and enjoy the beauty of this lovely scene.
Question: 192
Why does the Man so keen about the girl affairs?
Answer: 192
The first man is very keen about the girl affair because he wants to confirm if she knows about him or not,That is why he asks her so many question to see of she known about him.
Question: 193
Why does Harry refuse to give a poodle cut to Miss Mccutcheon?
Answer: 193
Harry can not give a poodle haircut ti Miss Mccutcheon,The reason is perhaps that he does not know how to give a poodle haircut or he does not want to give her a poodle a haircut.
Question: 194
What is the impression of girl about the second man?
Answer: 194
The girl is greatly terrified and afraid of the Second man,,She think that he is the killer and is chasing her.
Question: 195
Why was the girl so frightened?
Answer: 195
She assumes that the second man was the person who was chasing her.
Question: 196
What is the significance of storm in the play "Heat lightning"?
Answer: 196
The storm shows the trouble feelings of the girl.The suspense of the plat reaches its climax due to storm.It is storm due to which the dog comes and the girl is saved.
Question: 197
What was the vexing dream the writer saw?
Answer: 197
The author saw that the flew out of window in his night shirt,He was flying up and up.The recording angel as also with him.
Question: 198
Why does the Man so keen about the girl affair?
Answer: 198
The first man is very keen about the girl affair because he wants to confirm if she known about him or not,,That is why he asks her so many question to see if she known about him.
Question: 199
What was the condition of the girl when she meet the First Man in the bus station?
Answer: 199
The girl is about 24 years of age,She is sobbing and is out if breath,her hairs is disheveled.
Question: 200
Why does Harry forbid the girl to Whisper?
Answer: 200
Harry forbids the girl to whisper because the people of misunderstand,Their whispering will cause a scandal,In this way they will lose reputation.
Question: 201
How does Kreton impress General Power?
Answer: 201
Kreton reads the minds of General Powers and tell them that he is thinking about his promotions,Kreton makes and invisible wall around his spaceship,When Powers and AIDE try arrest him,he stops them withing a foot of him,They can not touch him.
Question: 202
How large is the object in Spelding estimation?
Answer: 202
Splending tells that the object is not lager than a car,Therefore it must be a meteor.
Question: 203
Write a note on John.
Answer: 203
He is very hardworking ambitious man and is incapable of making his mark in the world.He is however very curious about the flying object and does not even hesitate to go inside it.
Question: 204
What was the age of the poet when he developed love for cherry and why?
Answer: 204
The poet is 20 years old when he see the cherry tree.
Question: 205
What does the writer do with the play begins?
Answer: 205
He holds the oyster in front of him just like an egg.Then he puts the oyster in his pocket and goes out.
Question: 206
What is the purpose of the visit of Kreton?
Answer: 206
Kreton explains the purpose of his visit to the earth.He has been studying the earth for so many years,The study of people living on the earth has been his favorite hobby.
Question: 207
Why does the Man ask her to go to the Woman room?
Answer: 207
She is tired and frightened ,He asks her to go to the woman room to wash her face and get fresh.
Question: 208
Can the people of Earth compete with those of Kreton?
Answer: 208
The people of the earth can not compete with the people of Kreton in terms of knowledge science and technology.
Question: 209
Who save the life of the girl in the play?
Answer: 209
The dog appeared there from somewhere and seized the Man with its sharp teeth.At last the dog forced tha Man to run away and the Girl came out to pat the dog.
Question: 210
Describe the scene of the arrival of the flying saucer?
Answer: 210
Spelding take it a meteor passing through the earth orbit,John is the first man who informs them that the object is landing.It lands in the rose garden and John goes to have a closer look of it.
Question: 211
What happens to the light in the room with each flash of lightning?
Answer: 211
With each flash of lighting the light in the room dims almost to the point of going out.
Question: 212
What happened when the train passes by the farm?
Answer: 212
When the train passed through the farm ,No one wakes.Only jug in a bedroom shakes gently.
Question: 213
Describe the kind of uniform Kerton liked?
Answer: 213
Mr. Splending liked his dress and said that it was very beautiful .However Spelding remarked that the visitors was wearing an old fashioned dress.
Question: 214
What is the role of Mr. Spelding in the play?
Answer: 214
Roger Spelding is a middle aged TV newspaper,he protest his wife an daughter when they do not listen to his broadcast,He knows no passion ,His ideas of success are only worldly power.
Question: 215
What does Spelding wish for his daughter marriage?
Answer: 215
He wished that his daughter should marry a person who was hardworking and ambitious and capable of making his mark in the world.
Question: 216
Why does Clark give money to harry?
Answer: 216
Clay need money because he wants to get his father to come home.He also wants to but his mother a present.
Question: 217
What type of person is the writer?
Answer: 217
The rider is an adventurous man,he always ready to take risks and tries to continue with struggle of life in spite of difficulties.
Question: 218
What does powers ordered to his AIDE?
Answer: 218
He ordered his AIDE to go down and look at ship,He advice him to be careful and not to touch anything,He also forbids that nobody should go near it.
Question: 219
What is optical illusion?
Answer: 219
Optical Illusion is a visual deception,It is a state of mind when these things appear to us quite contrary to their real nature.
Question: 220
Write a note on Mrs. Spelding.
Answer: 220
Mrs. Spelding is a straight forward women,She is very loving mother,She likes Ellen marrying John.She always worried about her Rose garden when the nation is worried about landing spaceship.
Question: 221
Why did the girl start running?
Answer: 221
When she saw the man pulling someone out of the car she was frightened,she screamed ,She threw her flashlight there and began to run.
Question: 222
Write a note on Ellen?
Answer: 222
Ellen is Roger Spelding daughter of twenty years of age and he has lively manners.She behaves very politely in the play and show special feelings of liking for John.She watches the whole scene with great interest and enjoy its much.
Question: 223
Write a brief note on General Power?
Answer: 223
General Powers is a typical military officer,When the spaceship land in his country,he imposed Martial Law in the house.No body is allowed to move freely.
Question: 224
What does the cheery tree become the Loveliest one?
Answer: 224
The Cherry become the loveliest in the spring season when it is laden with white flowers.
Question: 225
What does the Kreton think of the emotions of earthly people?
Answer: 225
Kreton says that human minds are full of unlike emotions,It excites him so much.He intoxicates himself with the rawness of human emotions.
Question: 226
What has happened to Clay father?
Answer: 226
Clay's father has left home without any information because he does not enjoy a good married life.
Question: 227
What did Applegarth say about Miss Mcctcheon?
Answer: 227
The judge thinks that Miss Mccutcheon is too pretty to settle as a teacher.he think that their school needs an experienced teacher.
Question: 228
Why is harry sitting in the barber chair?
Answer: 228
Harry is sitting to have hair cut in the barber chair.A boy of nine or ten is giving him a haircut.
Question: 229
How does poet describe the fruits pilled in the fruit stalls at night?
Answer: 229
Various fruits are pilled up in a conical form in the street of fruit -stalls.
Question: 230
How and what does Kreton read in the mind of General Power?
Answer: 230
Kreton tells the power that his is thinking that Kreton is either a lunatic from the earth or a spy from another world.
Question: 231
What does the Kreton say about his flying objects?
Answer: 231
He says that these cars are very common in this world.He must have known their operational system once but he has forgotten it.
Question: 232
What is Applengarth's complaint about the sea?
Answer: 232
Judge Applegarth complaint about the quality of stuff the sea is presenting .
Question: 233
Why does Mr. Spelding hate John?
Answer: 233
Speliding opposed his daughter Ellen marriage with John because he considered an aimless and ungrateful person who did not have any sensible ambition.
Question: 234
What is the role of General Power?
Answer: 234
General Power is leading a tam of soldiers who try to arrest Kreton,He commands and controls his tram and inform the Chief of army staff about the happening.
Question: 235
What kind of plat is "The oyster and the pearl"?
Answer: 235
The oyster and the pearl is a sentimental comedy.It has humor,a happy ending and implied wisdom.
Question: 236
How does the rider discourage the rider?
Answer: 236
The fearer warns him that very soon the approaching darkness will make his pathdulll and lazy.Then he will not be able to realize the danger that block his way.
Question: 237
What did Clay need money?
Answer: 237
Clay need money because he wants to get his father to come home,He also wants to buy his mother a present.
Question: 238
How much did Harry pay for his barber shop?
Answer: 238
The regular price is dollar a haircut.Now and then he takes and sometimes he does not,He generally take a half or a quarter.
Question: 239
Who buys the Oyster?How much does he pay?
Answer: 239
The writer buys an oyster for three hundred dollars.
Question: 240
Why does the port mean by the "Poor Leaves"?
Answer: 240
The lower leaves are poor in the sense that the rain does not fall direct ,upon them,The rain falls on the upper leaves and they are filled with rain water.
Question: 241
What do you understand by Ecclesiastes?
Answer: 241
Ecclesiastes is a book of wisdom literature in religion Jewish an Christian Scripture ,.We can find this name in the Bible table.
Question: 242
Why does Clark Larrabee return at the end of the play?
Answer: 242
Clark Larrbee is ten miles up the highway when he reads the classified ad in the paper,He decided to go to his family.
Question: 243
What information did John give and how did he behave?
Answer: 243
John appeared there quickly and informed Roger and other that a spaceship was going to land there,However ,Roger corrected him that it was only a meteor and not a spaceship.
Question: 244
What is Harry philosophy of life?
Answer: 244
Harry philosophy of life is "A way to live".and that is "The take it-easy-way.
Question: 245
Why does General Power consider Kreton as a joker?
Answer: 245
General Power considers Kreton to be joker because of his dress which was pretty old fashioned.
Question: 246
What does Clay believe in the Oyster?How much it worth?
Answer: 246
Clay believes that there is a big pearl in the Oyster that is worth around three hundred dollars.
Question: 247
Why does kreton take interest in Earth?
Answer: 247
Kreton says that he has come for a visit to a small planet.He has been studying it for years.In fact those people are his hobby,Especial this period of their development.
Question: 248
What did the poet reflect when he saw the Sindhi Woman?
Answer: 248
When the poet saw the Sindhi Women,he thought that only those person are strong who can bear the hardship of life.
Question: 249
How mush did harry pay the barber shop?
Answer: 249
Harry paid 75$ for his barber shop.He has been in this place for 24 years.
Question: 250
How does Harry make the people happy?
Answer: 250
Harry looks at the bright side of things and he is always happy,He talks a lot jokes and laughs with other,He believes in take it easy way of life.
Question: 251
Why does the writer not open the oyster?
Answer: 251
He buys the oyster just to help Clay because he need more money to bring his father back home and buys a gift for his mother.
Question: 252
What time of the year in mentioned in the poem "Loveliest of trees,the Cherry Now".
Answer: 252
The cherry is in full bloom only in the spring season,The poet also refers to fifty spring,All this suggests that the poet mention the spring season in the poem.
Question: 253
What was written on the pedestal of Ozymandias statue?
Answer: 253
On the pedestal of the statue were inscribed these words
"My name is Ozymandias,king of king look on my works,ye might and despair ".
Question: 254
What does Clark give to harry?for what purpose?
Answer: 254
Clark gives harry 30$ for Clay to take home to his mother.
Question: 255
What do you know about Miss Mucctucheon?
Answer: 255
Miss Mucctucheon is the new school teacher.She sometimes feels her job tiresome and want to quit,At the same time she want to teach the children.
Question: 256
What was known about Harry dress as a Barber?
Answer: 256
It means confusing ideas or ideas without any meaning which are not comprehensible to anyone.
Question: 257
What was the wish of Clark Larrbee about his children?
Answer: 257
He wished that his children should live in a good house of their own,They should wear good clothes,he want to provide them almost every facility but his income was very small.
Question: 258
Why did Clay find near Black Rock?
Answer: 258
Clay found an Oyster near Black Rock.
Question: 259
What importance of time has been pointed out by the poet in "Times" ?
Answer: 259
Every activity on the earth happens at the fixed time,If we observe time ,we will succeed,If we do not observe time,we will fail.Those who do not value tome fail,So time is very important in life.
Question: 260
What kind of judge is judge Applegarth?
Answer: 260
He is not the judge of the court,He judged the animals especially dogs at a country fair once,So he is called Judge.
Question: 261
What sort of teacher will suit to the
Answer: 261
Miss Mccutcheon is too beautiful and sensitive to adjust as a teacher in that town.Their school need and old,experienced teacher who can control the childminder.
Question: 262
What happened when the rain stop and the sun come out?
Answer: 262
When the rain stop,the sun will come out and sun will shine brightly.
Question: 263
What is meant by the rich leaves?
Answer: 263
The leaves on the top of the tree are the direct beneficiaries of the drops of the rain,this thing increase their growth.That is why the poet calls them the rich leaves.
Question: 264
What three dangers does the reader mention in the first stanza of the poem?
Answer: 264
The reader tell the rider three dangers.there is the deadly valley that furnaces bun.There is an ill smell and grave like gap.
Question: 265
How are we the Hollow Men according to the poet?
Answer: 265
According to the poet,Modern men are Hollow men because modernity has brought selfishness with it,Modern people are running a rat race.
Question: 266
What does Harry advice Miss Mccutcheon to do?
Answer: 266
Harry advice her to teach English,singing ,dancing and cooking to the children of the town,He also advice her to go to San Francisco.
Question: 267
Why do they want Wozzeck to come?
Answer: 267
They want Wozzeck to come and open the oyster because Harry is afraid that he might damage the pearl
Question: 268
What is the reaction of birds when the train passes by them>
Answer: 268
When the train approaches ,the birds turn their heads and stare from the bushes.
Question: 269
What does the poet hear in the "The rain"?
Answer: 269
The poet hears the sound the sun of the falling of the drops of rain from the top leaves to the beneath them,.
Question: 270
Why did the writer buy the oyster?
Answer: 270
The writer bought the oyster from clay for three hundred dollars,He simply bought it from clay just to help him.
Question: 271
What does the sparrow hold in the beak?
Answer: 271
She holds a grain of millet in her bank.
Question: 272
Where has Clark Larabee bee?How did he get to OK-By the Sea?
Answer: 272
He has been working in Salinas.He got rid down and reached O.K-by-the-Sea.
Question: 273
What does night mall bring?
Answer: 273
It brings letters for the rich for the poor,for the shopkeepers and the love letters.
Question: 274
What is meant by bent grasses?
Answer: 274
Bent grasses means meadows or heaths or pastures or open filed.In this poem Night Mall is personified ,The poet talk of it as if it were doing different duties like man.
Question: 275
What is main idea of "Loveliest of Tree,The Cherry Now"?
Answer: 275
The poem is written in praise of cherry tree.The poet regards that his life is too short to enjoy the beauty of the tree because he loves to see it all the time.This poem shows his extreme love for nature.
Question: 276
What do the dark children find?
Answer: 276
They find the moon and the sun in shapes of melon,guava and mandarin just because of the effect of the light on them,.
Question: 277
How can we not see in the board daylight?
Answer: 277
The poet complains that we are totally blind to the beauty of nature,In the broad daylight the streams appear to be full of stars when the shining rays of the sun fall on them but we are blind to it.
Question: 278
What is the main idea of the poem "Night Mall"?
Answer: 278
The poet admires the night mall in this poem,He says that it brings luxury,ease and comfort in our lives.It carries cheques,postal orders and letters for everyone,we have become immune to it as it is no curios thing even for birds and animals.
Question: 279
What impression does sound of rain falling on leaves to the poet?
Answer: 279
The sound of rain gives a nice sweet and pleasant expression to the poet.
Question: 280
What according to A.E house man is the expected age of man?
Answer: 280
His expected age is 70 years old.
Question: 281
How does the Cherry look?
Answer: 281
Cherry look loveliest of all the tree because it is covered with white flowers.It seems that it is wearing white dress to celebrate the arrival of Easter.
Question: 282
Give Symbolic importance of the rain in three or four lines.
Answer: 282
Symbolically,the importance can be studied as an optimistic thought.Rich leaves on top symbolic rich people and the leaves beneath the poor in our society,The rich in this world are giving something to the poor for their livelihood,He also symbolize sunshine as happiness.
Question: 283
What does the phrase ,gesture without motion mean?
Answer: 283
It means that their deeds are without any outcomes.They work but it is useless.Their reactions are worthless,They do not have real spirit.
Question: 284
Why does Clark Larrabee return?
Answer: 284
Clark Larrabee reads the ad in the paper about him.When he come to know that his family is worried about him.he declared to return his home and spend the weekend with him.
Question: 285
For how many years does the poet except to live in the poem?
Answer: 285
According to the writer,50 spring of his expected life are still remaining.
Question: 286
How does the horror try of frighten the hearer in the poem "O where are you going"?
Answer: 286
The horror frightens the hearer from different shapes of birds in the trees,He also frightens him from the spot on skin by saying that is is a shocking disease.
Question: 287
What does the mean of the title of poem?
Answer: 287
The title of the poem points out the danger one has to face during once journey towards one's goal of life.
Question: 288
What do you understand by "A time to keep,And a time to cast away"?
Answer: 288
It means we have to keep the things sometime because it is necessary .It become essential sometimes that we should throw them away.
Question: 289
How much terrible were the explosions that took place in the two cities?
Answer: 289
The explosions were too terrible to be seen and described .There was destruction everywhere,.Thousands of people were killed everything was burned ,smashed and crushed.
Question: 290
Where does the cherry tree stand?
Answer: 290
It stands along the path in the wood.
Question: 291
What do sheep dogs continue to sleep when night mall passes?
Answer: 291
The sheep dogs continue to sleep on the arrival of the train because they can not turn her course.
Question: 292
What do the reader and rider stand for?
Answer: 292
According to the poet,the rider is an adventurous man,He always ready to take risks,On the other hand the reader is a fearful man,He lacks courage and warmth of life.
Question: 293
What is the theme of the poem?
Answer: 293
The poem describe that the way to success is vague and full of danger ,but it can be passed with courage and determination.
Question: 294
Where does night mall passes from?
Answer: 294
It passes from a wide range of landscape.It climbs up smothly over small hills.
Question: 295
What according the Allama Iqbal is worse than slavery?
Answer: 295
Allama Iqbal says they to have no faith is worse than slavery.
Question: 296
How does the rain water drop on poor leaves?
Answer: 296
The top rich leaves pass on the rain water drop after drop onto the lower poor leaves,It looks that rich people are giving alarms to the poor coin after coin.
Question: 297
What do you feel after reading the poem?
Answer: 297
I feel that way of glory and success is vague and uncertain,It can only be paved thorough with hard work,courage and bravery.
Question: 298
Why has the poet used Cannon balls o describe the fruit?
Answer: 298
The poet has used cannon balls to describe fruit because they are glowing in the dim lantern light and look like different metallic balls.
Question: 299
How do the wicks do in the street of the fruit stalls?
Answer: 299
Wicks balance flame in the street of fruit stalls.
Question: 300
What is the confusion of the mother sparrow?
Answer: 300
She has only one grain to feed the ten young ones,She require careful management.
Question: 301
What is the "bare truth" that the mentions in poem?
Answer: 301
The bare truth of life is the transient nature of everything in this world,This is the bare truth he always speaks,Love is the force with which two souls can be united and this is the philosophy of mysticism.
Question: 302
What is mean by furnaces in poem "O where are you going"?
Answer: 302
"Furnaces" stands for dangers in life which the rider has to face to reach his destination,Here furnace may mean the valley that becomes hot like furnace when the sunshine.
Question: 303
What time of the year is mentioned in the poem?
Answer: 303
It is observed on the first Sunday after a full moon on or after 21 March.
Question: 304
What do little dark children forget all about their problem, after eating fruit?
Answer: 304
It means that they forget the troubles of the world,They are innocent,They known nothing about war and other problems of the world.
Question: 305
How do children enjoy the fruity in the Street of fruit stalls?
Answer: 305
When the children break the fruit ,a gold or silver fountain of juice cones out and they dip their mouth ,fingers ,cheeks ,noses and chins.
Question: 306
What does three scores years and ten means?
Answer: 306
Three score years and ten year mean seventy years.
Question: 307
How did Japanese bear the pain of Black Day?
Answer: 307
The Japanese who bore the pain of black day,This tragedy made them very great.They became the most prominent world economic power.
Question: 308
How cherry has been personified?
Answer: 308
The cherry has been personified in this poem.The poet depicts it as a character it performs various actions as it hangs ,stands and wears a white dress,It has just git ready to celebrate Easter.
Question: 309
What was the Sindhi woman carrying on her head?
Answer: 309
The Sindhi Women carries a stone jar on her head.
Question: 310
Describe the Karachi slums.
Answer: 310
The Karachi slums paint a very gloomy picture of the area,Stones ,heaps of garbage ,waste matter and pieces of broken g;ass are scattered everywhere .The area has no proper system of sanitation and public health.
Question: 311
What kind of picture of the Karachi slum we do get after reading the poem?
Answer: 311
Karachi slums are in miserable condition,The roads are rough,Sanitary condition is very poor,There are garbage stones and pieces of glass and bread on the roads.
Question: 312
Who have been called hollow men?
Answer: 312
The people who can not take challengers are called hollow men.They can not end injustice,fight the cruel,The modern men who lack spirit and strength and such people.
Question: 313
Why does the poet call himself a feather?
Answer: 313
The poet is happy and feels very light,He calls himself a feather because it is very light and can freely move in the air.
Question: 314
Do the hurdles on the way pose and threat to,A Sindhi woman?
Answer: 314
She succeeds in keeping her head erect,She even passes through the stones,garbage ,dirty and pieces of glasses fearlessly.
Question: 315
What does the title of the poem "O Where Are you Going"?
Answer: 315
The title of the poem points out the dangers one has to face during once journey toward one goal of life.
Question: 316
What is the theme of the poem "Times"?
Answer: 316
The poet emphasizes that everything happens at a certain time,Nothing escape from the grip of time.Everything happens in this world according to a carefully planned schedule.Nothing occurs out of place.
Question: 317
What is the central idea of the poem?
Answer: 317
The poet pays rich tribute to hard work,It is the work that keeps the man rhythmic and vigorous,The poet is impressed by the determination and the energy of the Sindhi woman. He praise them for their strong will and conveys the message to the reader that only those are successful who never sub,it against heavy odds.
Question: 318
Whom does the reader represent?
Answer: 318
The reader stands for the opposing forces which discourage the rider.
Question: 319
What are the effects of attributes of God?
Answer: 319
The attributes of God have a strong effect on the person who has firm belief in them.These may save him for committing crimes only,These crimes may be social or ethical.
Question: 320
How does the Reader frighten the Rider?
Answer: 320
The reader tell the ride that the valley is deadly when the furnaces burn,There is a nill smell and grave like gap.
Question: 321
In what conditions was the statue of Ozymandias standing in the desert?
Answer: 321
The statue of Ozymandias was shattered,It was trunkless statue,Only two huge bodies legs were standing there,Its face was lying half buried in the hand.
Question: 322
What do the words inscribed on the Pedestal suggest?
Answer: 322
The words suggest that time in merciless to all merciless,It brings everything to an end.
Question: 323
Why does the traveler praise the sculptor?
Answer: 323
The sculptor must be a skillful person because the feature of the face were very clear.
Question: 324
On what does the nation harmony depend(Ruba'iyat)?
Answer: 324
No doubt the Muslim belong to the strange nation and different regions of the world,But fortunately they have a very sound basic of unity among them.The poet holds the opinion that the harmony of the Muslim nation depends upon the inspiring of Islam.
Question: 325
Who is in new confusion of his understanding?
Answer: 325
The person who has clear images is in a new confusion of his understanding.
Question: 326
When does everything happen according to Bibal?
Answer: 326
According to the Bibal ,There is a fix time for every activity,everything happens according to a fixed time,.
Question: 327
How does the Sindhi woman walk?
Answer: 327
She walk gracefully.
Question: 328
How many young ones are to be fed?
Answer: 328
There are ten young ones to be fed.
Question: 329
What is the theme of the poem "Ozymadias"?
Answer: 329
The poem teacher us that man become proud after getting power,he forgets that ultimately all his activity will come to an end,Death is the greatest leveler.It also show that man is mortal but art is not.
Question: 330
What does lesson the poem learns when he see "A Sindhi Woman".
Answer: 330
The poet gives us the lesson that only those people became successful who bear the difficulties of life bravely,they can stand straight under immense pressure,.
Question: 331
What is the effect of love?
Answer: 331
Love affects human heart and soul directly,It has magical powers in it,It can transform everything .Love is healer,softer smoother ,creator,generator and savior.
Question: 332
Which fruit have been mentioned in the poem?
Answer: 332
The poet has mentioned fruit like Melon ,Guava and Mandarin.
Question: 333
What is the moral lesson of the poem?
Answer: 333
The poet creates a resemblance between the splitting of grain and fissuring of an atom.The breaking of grain is life giving but the breakfast of atom is ruinous.
Question: 334
Who have been called "Hollow Men"?
Answer: 334
Eliot calls the modern man as hollow men because they are faithfulness and selfish people.Their lives are purposeless and their heads are without wisdom.
Question: 335
Why does the poet compare our voices with the voices of wind in dry grass?
Answer: 335
The poet says that our voice have become as meaningless as the voice made by the wind when it passes through the grass.
Question: 336
What is the message of the poem "A Tale of Two Cities"?
Answer: 336
The poet preaches that man should renounce the use of destructive weapons. He emphasizes that those who work hard to regain their lost strength finally become successful.
Question: 337
What does the poet think to split the grain?
Answer: 337
The mother sparrow has to split the grain of millet to feed her ten young ones.But the poet refers to our splitting the atom to make atom bombs.
Question: 338
What do the traveler see in the desert?
Answer: 338
The traveler saw two vast and trunkless legs of stone in the desert,Near them he saw the distorted face of the men half sunk in the sand.
Question: 339
Why do we ignore the charm of life?
Answer: 339
Our busy life makes us ignore the charm of life,We are always lost in earning money,We do not find time to get out and enjoy,the beauty of nature.
Question: 340
What is the main idea of the poem?
Answer: 340
The poem is a satire upon the modern man,The poet criticizes our worthless character,He says that our heads are without wisdom and we have lost the essential vigour of life.
Question: 341
Who was Ozymandias?
Answer: 341
Ozymandias was a king.
Question: 342
What is responsible for everything happen at a time?
Answer: 342
There is a supreme System running this universe,No body has the power or right to change it.
Question: 343
What does the poet refer sheep and cows in leisure?
Answer: 343
The poet says that we do not have as much time as sheep or cows to enjoy the beautiful objects of nature.
Question: 344
What is the theme of the poem "Leisure"?
Answer: 344
The poet laments the fact that the modern man has become so bust in his Mechanical life that he ignores the simplest beauties of nature and joys of life.
Question: 345
How can the streams be full of stars?
Answer: 345
The sun shines,It rays falls on the crystal clear clear water of stream.The water begins to shine like stars,Then the stream look to be full of stars.
Question: 346
Why does Sachal Sermast put emphasis on how to know himself?
Answer: 346
The Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) said that one,who comes to know himself comes to know his Allah.It means that when a man known himself ,he loves Allah and worships him more devotedly.
Question: 347
What is the poet trying to saying in the last two lines of the poem?
Answer: 347
The poet tries to threaten modern man that his life would be full of tensions and worries if he do not realize the importance of leisure in his life,We are modern people because we have adopted hurried life cycle.
Question: 348
What is the main theme of the poem "The Feed"?
Answer: 348
The theme of the poem is that man has been able to split the atom and invent deadly weapons.Man has failed to divide the resources of the earth equally among the people.
Question: 349
What according to Iqbal has made the effort of Muslim Fruitless?
Answer: 349
Faithlessness had made the effort of the Muslim fruitless,They have lost harmony and become selfish,They have lost the values and traditions which their forefather had set them for a ling ago.
Question: 350
How does a life become useless?
Answer: 350
Life becomes useless when it is full of cares and we have no time to enjoy the beauty that spreads all around us.
Question: 351
Does the phrase "Fissuring the atom" mean?
Answer: 351
The poet criticizes human being that they have invented destructive weapons for massive killing by breaking the atom it should be used for constructive purpose.
Question: 352
What kind of feeling does the poem "Ozymandias" create in the reader mind?
Answer: 352
Proud person forgets that death is a mighty leveler,The feelings of superiority in man are only deception,We should love an respect other,We should be humble servants of Allah.
Question: 353
What is the present state of the Muslim according to Allama Iqbal?
Answer: 353
The Muslim have lost the true spirit of Islam,They lack in love for mankind.They have lost their unity,Their prayers have no meaning and feelings are superficial.
Question: 354
Who can not compete with the civilization of Makkah?
Answer: 354
The European are devoid of faith are religion,They do not have one unanimous center like Makkah. They are inferior to the Muslim.They can not compete with the Muslims.
Question: 355
Describe the scene of devastation of the two cities of japan?
Answer: 355
People were crying everywhere,There were arms and soldiers. Smoke was rising from the rubble,Everybody was in great pain,The two glorious cities had been vanished from the earth,There seemed to be ghosts everywhere mourning the dead.
Question: 356
Why does the poet call himself a fish?
Answer: 356
The poet says that he is a shining fish that rolls in water,Whatever a fish is happy,it lays and rolls in water.
Question: 357
What does Iqbal call those who have no faith?
Answer: 357
Iqbal says that they are worse than slaves who have no faith.
Question: 358
What does the poet laments in Leisure?
Answer: 358
The poet laments the hurried life of modern man who does not have any time to enjoy the wonders of nature around us.
Question: 359
Under What conditions the victims had to pass through?
Answer: 359
They had to pas through inexplicable misery and distress.Their lives and properties were reduced to ashes.Moreover there was nobody who came for their rescue.
Question: 360
What is the central idea of the poem "A Tale of two cities"?
Answer: 360
The poem gives expression to the suffering of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed by the atomic bomb,At the same time ,the poet praises the Japanese nation that did not lose heart.
Question: 361
What is personification used by the poet in poem?
Answer: 361
The poet personifies the beauty.As a poet and artists he justifies his view point that modern man has no time to have glance on beautiful objects of nature.
Question: 362
What is the poet trying to say in the last stanza of the poem "The Hollow Man"?
Answer: 362
In the last stanza the poet talks bout those who have already departed for this world for a new world,They remember us as hollow and stuffed people,They also call us puppets made of straw,They think us brainless,passionless and emotionless people.
Question: 363
What does flare up flames in heart to height?
Answer: 363
The death of neighbor friend flares up flames in heart to height,The feelings of loosing a friend acts as flame of fire in our hearts.The pangs of separation are so horrible that every visible thing in the world loses its charm.
Question: 364
What does the poet mean by the phrase "decamping talk"?
Answer: 364
The poet says that there is a talk of leaving this world everywhere because the approaching death of our near and dear friends reminds us of our own departure.
Question: 365
How is the poet feeling at the death of his spiritual guide?Why is the heard of Bullah Shah burning?
Answer: 365
He is shocked,horrified and stunned.He is perplexed,he does not know what to do.He can not whether to remain a live or die.
Question: 366
What is good in being slow and having broken images?
Answer: 366
If we think slowly,we can better differentiate between right and wrong.If we have broken images,we work hard to make them clean,Consequently we become sharp.
Question: 367
Without whose love in Bullah in loss?
Answer: 367
Without God Love ,Bullah is in loss.
Question: 368
What is the moral of Rubaiyat?
Answer: 368
Allama Iqbal urges upon the need of strong faith.They say that the Muslim have forgotten the traditions of their forefathers,If they want to proposer they should have a strong faith like Abraham (A.S).
Question: 369
What is the significance of God attributes?
Answer: 369
God attributes are very sacred and effective,They are meaningful and true reflection of God attributes.
Question: 370
What is the effect of death Scene?
Answer: 370
A death scene makes us realize the morality of man.It creates a horrifying effect the onlooker,The death of a person makes is aware of the fact they sooner or later,We are to die.We should ready for this.
Question: 371
What according to Iqbal does blend with Islam fire?
Answer: 371
According to Iqbal music of strange lands blends with Islamic fire,.
Question: 372
What types of delights do we miss in our daily life because of lack of time?
Answer: 372
The greatest curse of the modern man is his hectic activity,He is so much lost in the affairs of is that has no spare time to go out in the company of nature to refresh himself.
Question: 373
Why does God call himself the "Hearing"?
Answer: 373
When a person comes to know that God is all Hearing.he speak carefully.He does not use a foul language.This attitude makes him popular with other.
Question: 374
What is the dream of the poem in the poem "The Delight Song"?
Answer: 374
The poet dreams that he is enjoying a blissful life full of colors,There is nothing like sadness.He has learnt to love a happy life,He feels himself like a feather,a blue horse,a fish a shadow,an evening light and other things,He is happy contented with the dream of all bright and beautiful things.
Question: 375
What is the message of the poem?
Answer: 375
The poet gives us the message that we should have complete faith in the attributes of God,The faith can save us from sinning and enable us to be humble human beings.
Question: 376
What makes one second of sinning?
Answer: 376
If we believe in the "Seeing" of God It may scare us from sinning.
Question: 377
When does a person remember God?
Answer: 377
A person remembers God when he in in pain and misery,A sudden shock reminds him of God,But those who Love God always remember him.
Question: 378
What does the poet put emphasis on love?
Answer: 378
The poet puts emphasis on love because he calls it an essence of all religious,He claims that love is remedy for all diseases.Life becomes a success by love.
Question: 379
What are the things that keep alive?
Answer: 379
A person should stand in goof relation to the earth,to the lords to all that is beautiful and to all that is fruitful.This relation keeps a person alive.
Question: 380
Why does a person feel helpless on the death of a friend?
Answer: 380
A person feels helpless on the death of a friend because he can not stop his departure.He does not want his friend leave this world but this is beyond his reach.
Question: 381
Why do the people look powerless and helpless in the poem"A Tale of Two Cities"?
Answer: 381
Atom bombs ware thrown on the two cities by the Americans ,Every living being was smashed by the evil technology,The destruction was so massive that the people become powerless.
Question: 382
What is the effect of man good relation with the earth and the lords?
Answer: 382
Man good relation with the earth and the lords keep him alive and active.
Question: 383
What do you understand by "A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds"?
Answer: 383
The poet says that a man who gossips a lot without any practical work is like a wild planet that grows automatically.It needs to be uprooted immediately because it checks the growth pf flowery plants.
Question: 384
Is life worth living without love?
Answer: 384
Life is not worth living without love.This is an essence of life,If we omit love form life it becomes drab.
Question: 385
What do the thorns,roses,vinegar and sweet wine resemble?
Answer: 385
Thorns and vinegar resembles hardship of life,Roses and sweet wine resemble the rewards offer by Almighty.
Question: 386
How do God attributes affect a man character?
Answer: 386
The attributes of God are effective for character building and leading a virtuous life.They reform character,They help us to lead a successful balanced life,They help us to win Allah good pleasure.
Question: 387
Why person question his senses when the fact fails him?
Answer: 387
The man who does not have clear way of thinking,can never reach the truth.When the facts fail hi,.he doubt his sense.
Question: 388
How do attributes of God help in refining our character?
Answer: 388
The attributes of God help in refining the character pf a person,When a man comes to know that God is all seeing,all hearing and all knowing.He becomes careful about his actions and speech.In this way ,his character is refined and he leads a pious life.
Question: 389
What is meant of the poem "A Man of Words and Not of deeds"?
Answer: 389
The poet gives us a message that we should involve ourselves in some sort of creativity instead of sitting idle,Dullness proves fatal for human life.
Question: 390
What is the poet saying about his sojourn in this world in the last line?
Answer: 390
The poet explains the truth of life to us that Allah in the guide of his true lovers comes for some time on earth.
Question: 391
What is effect of love and thrones?
Answer: 391
Through love and the dead can rise to life.Here the dead stand for thousand who are void of loving and warm feelings,Such dreary hearts become full of mellow and warm feelings through love.
Question: 392
What is the moral lesson of the poem given by poet?
Answer: 392
The poet teaches us that every problem can be solved through the magic of love.Through love life becomes a success.
Question: 393
What does the line "I stand in good relations to the earth" man?
Answer: 393
The poet loves nature and all its phenomena.He even owns all the lovely qualities of all the beautiful things of nature.Therefore ,he claims to have good relations with the earth and the beauty of nature.
Question: 394
What is the moral lesson the poem "In Broken images"?
Answer: 394
The poem gives us a normal lesson,We should not become over confident,It makes us dull and we become lethargic,We should remain curious about the images of life.We can have a better understanding of life through our inquisitive nature.

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