About Us

Education is the new frontier of development. Any nation who is good at educating itself will rule the world and enjoy the best possible life standards

Pakistan has been lagging behind the international community for most part of independence. One of the major reason for the problems faced by this country is the lack of education. Imparting education is not cheap. It requires huge investment on part of the government and costs too much to the economy. Though the benefits outweigh the costs however, for a poor nation, it becomes difficult to set the priorities right.

The adoption and easy access of technology has brought us to a new possibility. The cheap internet and easily accessible android devices has made technology accessible to general public. Campus.pk aims to use this technology revolution to bring about an education revolution in Pakistan. This project is launched to make sure that each and every student can get access to huge set of FREE educational content, powerful study tools and the most modern technology working for their benefit. We intend to help every student excel in their education, learn more, learn fast and learn in the most convenient way possible.

Education is the way forward. There is no question about it. At the same time, technology is going to be the biggest enabler which makes education accessible to the masses. This is beyond any doubt. Our team is dedicated to bring about this change. We have created thousands of online lecture videos, compiled hundreds of thousands of questions and answers, collected past papers of over a decade and at the same time, our teachers will be available at many times to assist the students whenever they need. The future of education is here. We have brought up all the valuable educational content free of cost to the masses, created powerful technology that helps students learn in the best possible way and at the same time, our research team keeps finding new ways to help students excel in every way possible.

We are excited for the dawn of technology in the education field. We are optimistic and we believe we can make a positive change in millions of lives.