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The shortlisted candidates after the medical test are then called for psychological assessment. This is the 3rd phase of the selection procedure in which the mental capabilities, attitudinal aspects, and the personality traits are assessed. This test majorly consists of the

Written tasks

Group activities

CSS Psychology Test Written Tasks

CSS Psychology Test Written Tasks consists of various assessments that a candidate needs to undergo for the ability and the personality test.

Intelligence Tests

Different ability tests are the part of the intelligence assessment the measures the potential of the candidates such as abstract ability, verbal ability, and numerical ability.

Personality Test

They are conducted to analyze the personality traits of the candidates that include openness, confidence, optimism, maturity level, and leadership qualities. It includes certain tasks such as personality trait questionnaire, storytelling, and sentence completion.


In the autobiography, the candidates mention their life history and highlight various points that include birthplace, family, culture, education years, special occasions, career, accomplishments, spiritual journey, and lessons from Life. 

Command Task

The main goal of the command task is to assess the management skills and decision-making power of the candidates.

CSS Psychology Test Group Activities

Group activities are designed to assess the behavior of the candidate while performing collective tasks. In this case, the candidates are assigned some group activities to check their group performance and their abilities. Moreover, their tendencies can also be determined during such a situation. Various topics are provided on which the candidates need to give suggestions and opinions. During the group activities, the candidates are advised to avoid any personal comments on the other. Only mention the relevant points according to the discussion and do not try to brag off as it will only create your negative impact. After this session, the psychologist will conduct the interviews and they have a detailed report of the activities of the candidate for an assessment.

CSS Psychology Test Rules

There are no separate marks for this test. Viva-voce and psychology assessment combined contain 300 marks in total.

The students that have not appeared in the psychological assessment are not allowed to appear in the viva-voce test.

It is essential for the candidates to bring 3 passport size photographs along with the national identity card for the CSS psychology test.