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The CSS syllabus is considered as a road map to prepare for the competitive exams. Due to a lack of guidance sometimes candidates feel difficult to prepare for the exam in a better way. The syllabus is very significant and the candidates are advised to go through it properly as the Federal Public Service Commission devised it. The aspirants looking for the CSS syllabus are invited on the, where they can all the details about it.

Division of CSS Subjects

The exams of Central Superior Service basically consist of optional and compulsory subjects.

The students that are going to appear in the CSS exams have to give 12 papers among them 6 are compulsory and the other 6 are optional.

There is no choice in the selection of the compulsory subjects as they remain constant for each candidate however the optional subjects can be selected by considering the educational background and the interest.

The optional subjects are divided into various groups and the candidates can pick one subject from the one group.

As per the instructions of the FPSC, the candidates are not allowed to select two subjects from the same group. In case this happens then their application might be rejected.

All the compulsory subjects contain 100 marks whereas some optional subjects are allocated 100 and some have 200 marks. The optional subjects that comprise of 200 marks will have 2 papers having 100 marks each.

Important Note

The Question paper asked in any regional language such as Urdu, Pashto, Balochi, Sindhi must be answered with the same language.

In compulsory and optional papers 20 marks are defined for the objective portion while the rest of 80 are of subjective portions. But there are few exceptions such as Essay, Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics do not follow this division of marks.

So check the CSS syllabus online or download the CSS syllabus pdf from this portal. For more information regarding CSS exams, keep visiting