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Sometimes, it happens that students could not satisfied with their IELTS results because they do not get the expected marks or scores in the IELTS test. Students are informed that the IELTS checking process is, somehow, strict to keep the standard of the IELTS maintain. First of all, you are recommended to prepare well before going to appear for the exams to secure the maximum of bands in your test to make your language proficiency certification strong. However, if you have done with the exam and are not satisfied with the result then you are advised to follow the below-given guide to apply for IELTS rechecking.   

Apply For IELTS Rechecking 

Applicants are required to apply for the rechecking process which is called Enquiry On Result, EOR. Applicants have to choose the sections for which they want to apply for rechecking and after choosing the sections they will contact the test center where they appeared for the test. 

Applicants will be asked to pay the IELTS rechecking fee. According to 2021 updates, IELTS rechecking fee set by the British Council is PKR 8220/-. Applicants are asked to apply for rechecking within six weeks after the test date. Applicants are asked to download the EOR form and submit it to the test center where they sat for the test. Applicants have to attach the payment proof along with the EOR form. The test result would be displayed within 2 to 21 days depends upon the number of sections requested for rechecking.     

Benefits Of IELTS Rechecking    

Applicants can get the following benefits of rechecking:  

Applicants can get the idea of whether their test is checked accurately or not. 

Applicants can get the idea that where they have done the mistakes by which they could not secure the maximum of bands. 

In case of result upgraded or if your bands are increased your rechecking fee will be refunded. For this purpose, applicants will be asked to submit a fee refund form along with the originals to the test center.