Frequently Asked Questions

What are LIVE Classes?

Live class means students can get online lectures from the teachers. There is direct interaction between students and teachers. Students can easily or directly communicate with the teachers and can ask any question during the lecture. .

Who should join these classes?

Students are recommended to join these online or live classes because they can get all the from necessary lectures their own location. In this way you can save your time and money, both are the precious things of every single student.

Is there any fee to join the LIVE classes?

Yes! Students are required to pay 6000/- PKR to join these online MDCAT classes.

For which board and grade these classes will be taught?

Students of almost all the boards of education are facilitating with the live classes. Students can get the separate sections for the individual board of education. Students are informed that these live classes are just according to your syllabus and you would also be provided the complete detail that how this syllabus would be utilized to finalize the MDCAT.

Who are the teachers?

Students who are worried about the teaching faculty are informed that the hires the professional teachers to make the future of the students professional. All the teachers linked with are highly qualified and professional teachers who are familiar with the MDCAT rules and regulations and make students able that how to appear well in the exams.

What can I expect from these classes?

By joining these classes you are going to better learning experience within a short time duration. Moreover, high quality faculty, a learning environment, and great chances of grooming, and awesome fun activities you are going to get through these live classes session.

What are technical requirements to join these classes?

Students who are willing to join this platform are required to have good internet connection, and a device such as smart phone or laptop to join live class session.

Will you conduct class tests, monthly test and test sessions?

Yes, our aim is to prepare you completely for exams. Teachers besides giving you lectures also conduct daily basis verbal answer questions sessions, daily basis MCQs tests, weekly basis MCQs tests, and even monthly basis MCQs test.

Why are these classes better than joining an academy?

Because we have better teachers. We have technology that will help you learn things fast, our daily MCQ tests will enhance your learning capacity. Our teachers will be answering your questions even after the classes are over. The best part, we will not only give you academic guidance but also career advice.

Can I invite my friends and class fellows to this class?

Yes! You can help your friends and classmates to get better practice through welcomes every single student to get a better preparation solution.

If I don’t understand a concept or have a question, will teachers answer me?

Obviously, the teachers are here to assist you. That’s why this is called a live class session. Students can take all the lectures live and can question everything they are doubtful about.

What if I get a question after the class is over?

You are advised to leave your question whenever it comes to your mind. If the class is over and teachers are not available then you can get the answer from the teachers’ assistants or other students available on the site at the time and you will be notified when the answer is typed

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