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Once again we come for intermediate part-II students because the intermediate part II study session is going to start. First of all, students are suggested to start practice from the first day of your study session. Moreover, you are to inform that this is the time to overcome the mistakes you have made in the previous study session. But, if you are not so familiar with a routine which will bestow you a good examination practice then do not worry at all because here we exist with the passion to help our students at any instant. Students are to be suggested to start their practice with new edition PTB books

Intermediate Part II Urdu Online Textbook:

Now, these days the internet has made our searches easy. In the previous time students depends on their 2019 textbooks and also wander here and there for the sake of teachers and study notes. But, after making some clicks on mobiles and computers students find all the solution instantly. With the same point of view, we also come and offer online textbooks to students. Here we offered online textbooks of almost all the subjects’ students study at the intermediate level of education. This page is specified for 12th class Urdu textbooks. However, other pages are specified for specific books such as you will find separate sections for 12th class English textbook, PTB Chemistry books 2019 and for textbooks of other science and art subjects. 

Intermediate 12th Class Urdu Textbook :

Urdu is a compulsory subject at an intermediate level and at the same time, the subject comes with some advancement at an intermediate level. In order to cover these advancements we, once again, suggest our students start practice from the first day of your study session. Once you will complete your textbook then you are recommended to go through some helpful contents such as 12th class Urdu study notes. These study notes help you find the best paper solving method.  

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Nida shared a post link.
Oct 27, 2019

mam urdu or pak study ka lecture kab start hoga?

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Teacher Asst We will start soon
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Muhammad shared a post link.
Oct 15, 2019

i need notes of book chemistry and chapter no.7 topic is hybridization

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Teacher Asst we will add soon
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Mujahid shared a post link.
Oct 02, 2019


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Alina shared a post link.
Sep 26, 2019

i need notes

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Hamza Which subjects ?