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Pak Studies intermediate is the most important subject at an intermediate level the idea of which we can get from the fact that it is a compulsory subject at an intermediate level. It doesn’t matter that which study program at the intermediate level you are going to choose, you have to study Pak studies subject in any way. In the Pak Studies subject students are asked to learn about the history of Pakistan and other current affairs of Pakistan. The subject, as compared to other compulsory and major subjects, is short but it doesn’t mean that it is easy to learn. The history of Pakistan is not an easy task to do. Moreover, current rules and affairs are also difficult to understand. So, this is the reason, we advise our students not to take any subject easy if you want to make good scores in the end. 


Intermediate Part II Pak Studies Notes :

At the initial point we suggest our students go through 12th class Pak Studies notes. The benefits of these notes are that these are arranged in such a way that these teach you how to, actually, perform your exams. Sometimes, students get good command on the subject, but they cannot get a good intermediate result because they do not have the idea to perform exams. So, you can take a complete idea that how examiners set paper and at the same time you can also get an idea that how to perform a paper for obtaining maximum marks. 

Pak Studies Online Notes 12th Class :

Intermediate students are to inform that along with notes of Pak Studies you can also find online inter 2024 notes including Biology notes 2nd year12th class English notes and study notes of all other science and art subjects at intermediate. Moreover, students who are looking for some extra sources are to inform that 12th class Pak Studies past papers and 12th class Pak Studies textbooks, in addition, are also uploaded here. 
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