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11th class Physics video lectures for intermediate students are uploaded here on this page. Online video lectures are arranged in the same way that you see in your classroom. No doubt, in order to clear the concepts about a topic or subject class lectures by your teachers play a unique role. But, the issue comes to see for class lectures is that the lectures for a single topic you get only one time and you cannot get the availability of your teachers all the time. Moreover, if you hire private tutors or join private academies then you can see these are expensive today. So, under these circumstances, lectures 1st year are considered as the best solution. The reason behind it is that you can get any time anywhere and, above all, these lectures are totally free.   

1st year Physics video lectures

1st Year Physics Online Video Lectures Chapter Wise:

Physics, at an intermediate level of education, is, somehow, a difficult subject. And in order to get good command and good grip on the subject you have to do work hard right from the beginning of your study session. For making your basics strong about the topics or subjects must go through these provided intermediate online video lectures. After clearing your concepts to come towards others helping content to keep remember these concepts into your mind and to get the idea about the paper pattern. For this purpose, students are provided with 11th class Physics MCQs tests. Physics short questions answers and long questions of Physics 11th class.

Physics Subject 11th Class Video Lectures:

Other than 1st year Physics Online Video Lectures students can also find helping content such as online video lectures for other subjects of intermediate level. 11th class Biology video lectures, 11th class Chemistry video lectures and video lectures of all other science and art subjects you can find here at So, in order to prepare all of your subjects must go through these online video lectures and never forget to share this helpful platform to your friends and classmates.     

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Dec 16, 2019

کسی کے پاس فزکس لیکچر ویڈیو میں ہیں تو مجھے سینڈ کر دے 

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Muqaddas Hameed 11th Physics Live Lecture 1 Ch. 1 Measurements (Introduction to Physics)