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9th class is known as the 1sr part of the matric class which completes the study session. We congratulate all those students who have passed their previous classes and took a step forward to Matric class education. At the same time, we suggest our students make good efforts at this level of education. Students who have reached a 9th class level have become familiar with the study system because they have become passed 9th class result. provides a good quality of teachers only in  7,000/-PKR 3 Months. 

9th Class Punjab Board :

But when they take steps into 9th class they divide into several kinds of the study program. Their classification takes place in such a way that they generally divide into two main sections, art group students and science group students. Both of the study programs have their own importance and, no doubt, both offers a series of career opportunities in the future. Our main objective to invite you here is to deliver you the ways to cover your study session of matric level in such a way that it would give you the prestigious position and also opens the doors of opportunities for higher education as well as career level. 

Matric Class Online Notes of all Subjects:

Now, the mode of talking is that what are these ways to cover the study session in such required ways? Well, first of all, students are to inform that bring dedication inside your soul for your studies. Then make a proper strategy or plan to work. There are almost 23 subjects come under matric level and these are of both the study programs including art group study and science group study. Students are to inform that we deal with all these 23 subjects. Students can find Online notes 9th class. These notes are prepared by professional teachers. The complete profile of our teachers you can also find here from which you can take the idea about the quality of our teachers.

Solved MCQs | Video Lectures 9th Class Punjab Board:

Students who do not want to give time to notes are provided with 9th class video lectures. From 9th class Urdu video lectures to 9th Class Biology video lectures all you can find here. Our teachers use the easiest and friendly way to teach the students of 9th class. If you see that all these subjects, according to the paper point of view, divides into two main sections and these sections are involved in objective type paper and subjective paper. Objective type paper comprises multiple-choice questions, MCQs. 9th class MCQs tests of all the subjects from 9th class Urdu MCQs test to English solved MCQs tests 9th and other art and science subjects MCQs tests you can find here. Subjective type section consists of short questions and long questions.9th class short questions 2021 and long questions 9th both you can find here.  



A New Way to Study in 9th Class

Dear Students! Now you can use the most modern system of education for your advantage. This new education platform gives you easy to understand education

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