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For the good convenience of the students of 9th class 9th Urdu book PDF is available here. It is true that your textbook offered by your school is the best way to read or make a good preparation for the examination. But, the thing is that you cannot carry the book anywhere if you have to go somewhere. Under this situation, online books are the ways to stay connected with your studies with any time and anywhere policy. 9th class Urdu book Punjab board is available here on this page. However, students from other boards of education can also find the textbooks here at this site. 




Key Facts on 9th Class Urdu Textbook Matric Part 1 SSC Punjab Boards

Book Name Urdu
Grade 9th, Ninth, Matric Part 1
Number of Pages 152
Number of Chapters 20
Chapter Name Ch 1. حجرتِ نبوی صلّی اللہ علیہ و آلہ وسلم
Ch 2. مر ز ا غالب کے عادات و خصا ئل
Ch 3. کاہلی
Ch 4. شاعروں کے لطفیے
Ch 5. نصوح اور سلیم کی گفتگو
Ch 6. پنچایت
Ch 7. آرام و سکون
Ch 8. لہو اور  قالین
Ch 9. ا متحان 
Ch 10. ملکی پرند ے اور دوسر ے جانور
Ch 11. قدرِِ ایا ز
Ch 12. حوصلہ نہ ہا رو آگے بڑھو منزل اب کے دور نہیں
Ch 13. حمد
Ch 14. نعت
Ch 15. برسات کی بہاریں
Ch 16. پیوستہ رہ شجر سے امید بہار رکھ
Ch 17.ہستی اپنے حباب کی سی ھے
Ch 18. رخ و زلف پر جان کھو یا کیا
Ch 19. دلِ نادان تجھے ہوا کیا ھے؟
Ch 20. لگتا نہیں ھے دل میرا اجڑے دیار میں
Marks in Exams 100 Total Marks
Language Availability  Urdu Only
Estimated Price Approx. Rs. 275


9th Class Urdu Book PDF Download:

Students do not only find or read this book, however, but they are also allowed to download the 9th class book with a free browsing method. Moreover, students do not only limited until 9th class books. However, 9th class arts books 2024 all students can find here. We offered books with the complete sequence. For example, 9th class math book in Urdu medium PDF, English textbook PDF 9th and all others are uploaded here.  First students find the complete sequence of books then each book with a chapter wise sequence is uploaded here. Students find a series of helping contents in order to practice for their examination. But, Punjab textbook board 9th class books are the ways to get familiarity with the actual syllabus. 



Punjab Boards Urdu Textbooks 2024:

Textbooks of almost all the boards of education students can find here at Lahore board Urdu textbook, Gujranwala board Urdu textbook and textbooks of all other boards ruining under Punjab you can find here. Moreover, students of both kinds including English medium students are Urdu medium students can find both 9th class English medium textbooks and 9th class Urdu medium textbook. All the students are to be suggested to stay connected with us for further assistance and by sharing this platform help others in order to find better assistance.


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