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Colleges in Abbottabad play a major role in the promotion of education in the Abbottabad region and the KPK province as well. Students of the universities in Abbottabad have been producing able minded persons in all educational and industrial sectors. In the past, the condition of education in the Abbottabad region was not good. But in the recent times, the people living in this region are recognizing the importance of quality higher education. Therefore, there is an influx in the number of students in the government colleges of Abbottabad. But to complete the demand of higher education, several private colleges in Abbottabad have also been progressing lately.

Colleges that are among the list of government colleges in Abbottabad are Army Burn Hall College and Army Public College. Some other prominent higher education institutions are Ayub Medical College and Frontier Medical College. To advance the level of quality education in engineering, physics, technology and industrial advancement, the institutes like COMSATS University of Science and Technology and the University of Engineering & Technology are playing a major role. These universities in Abbottabad are home to hundreds of passionate students.

Colleges And Universities In Abbottabad

The alumni of colleges and universities of Abbottabad have proven their worth in both the public and private sector. Their expertise has proven the quality education they received in the universities in Abbottabad. However, there is always a need of improvement in the education landscape. To improve the level of higher education and make sure that more students are entering in higher education, government plans to build new government colleges in Abbottabad. The improvement of the colleges in Abbottabad will result in a new wave of students who are willing to learn new things and challenge the ordinary world. These steps will surely result in the improvement of education in Pakistan.