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Being one of the oldest cities in Punjab, this historical city has a lot to offer when it comes to education. Colleges in Dina have the responsibility of imparting quality education to the students of Dina on the Higher Secondary level. As there are no universities in Dina, students face a problem when they complete their education of 12 years. But the nearest educational institute that students can go to for higher education is PU Jhelum campus. This campus is around 8 kilometer outside the Dina locality and students can easily reach there. But in the higher secondary education sector, the list of colleges in Dina is expanding with time as many private institutions are providing education to the younger students of Dina.

Government colleges in Dina are the best institutions for the residents of Dina to get higher education. The fees of these institutions are very low. Students get the opportunity to study from the highly qualified teachers who come to teach the students after passing a strict criteria of getting inducted in colleges. Students in the government colleges in Dina have an advantage over the students of private colleges in Dina as they have the chance of reading with better faculty. But the private colleges in Dina are also getting popular with the passage of time. The reason for their popularity is that the students get more time to study in these colleges. The extensive testing system and the tight scrutiny of these private institutions limits the students to study well.

Best Colleges In Dina

List of private colleges in Dina is expanding because of this reason. Remember that list of universities in Dina is empty because there are no universities in Dina. Students of Dina prove their competence by overcoming this problem as they take admission in the nearby PU Jhelum campus or leave their city to find a better opportunity of learning. People like Gulzar and Zamir Jafri have proven the level of education of this city in the past and students of the recent times are also working hard to earn good name for the city of Dina in the future.