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Colleges in Kohat are a hub of quality education in the region. Kohat, being the 35th largest city in the country, is known for its rich history. In the modern times, the students of this city is making it popular all over the world. Colleges in Kohat have great faculty that make it easier for the students to learn the difficult concepts. Kohat is a city that is growing faster and it is important to keep up with the educational needs of its residents. Students in the past used to stop getting education after completing their matriculation. But now they go on to join colleges in Kohat to continue their education.

List of universities in Kohat includes names like UET Peshawar Kohat Campus, Kohat University of Science and Technology, Preston University, KMU institute of Medical Sciences, and Cadet College Kohat. The Kohat campus of UET Peshawar is prominent among all engineering universities of the country. Being an engineering university, UET Peshawar Kohat campus is geared towards decreasing the gap between academia and industry in Pakistan. Kohat University of Science and Technology also plays its role in the development of technology in the region. KMU institute is known for producing healthcare professionals.

Top Colleges In Kohat

The list of colleges in Kohat contains many great names. Colleges like Govt. Postgraduate College Kohat, Garrison Cadet College, Cadet College Kohat, Govt. Girls Postgraduate College, Government College Of Technology, FG College For Women, Khyber Inter College and many others are the best colleges in Kohat. These colleges allow students to obtain quality education on the higher secondary school level. Furthermore, the experience students get while working in these institutions allows them to perform better in the professional working environment. After completing their education from colleges in Kohat, most students opt to join any of the universities in Kohat.