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Lahore is an educational hub of Pakistan. Known as the "Heart of Pakistan" and the 2nd largest city of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Lahore has always been known for its educational landscape. One can find a school, college, or university in every part of the city. The educational opportunities are not limited to the citizens of Lahore. Hundreds of thousands of students from other cities also come to Lahore for higher education. The expenses of education in Lahore are comparatively low, especially when it comes to public educational institutions. Better living conditions also play a great role in nurturing education in Lahore. 

There are hundreds of colleges and universities in Lahore both in the public and private sectors. The universities in Lahore are known nationwide and internationally as well for their high standards of imparting education. The alumni of various higher education institutions of Lahore have proven their abilities in various national and international institutions. The University of Punjab, the largest and the oldest institution of Higher education in Pakistan, is in the city of Lahore. Another great university known as Government College University is also present in Lahore.

Universities In Lahore

Medical and engineering colleges in Lahore like KEMU and UET Lahore also play a vital role in producing able-minded professionals who can improve the state of academia, health, and industry in Pakistan. Lahore also has several institutions that are producing computer professionals and artists. The National College of Arts is known for its alumni that has proven its artistic ability on the national and international levels. Many private higher education institutions have made it easier to obtain higher education in Lahore in recent times. Tens of Government colleges are also present in Lahore that makes it possible for every student to get higher education at the international level.