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Mirpur, the city of Pakistan that is known as “Little England,” has always realized the importance of education. Number of government colleges in Mirpur are allowing the students to have great basic knowledge and improve their knowledge basis so they can perform well in the higher education level. When students complete their higher secondary school education in the Mirpur region, they go on to join the government universities in Mirpur. The great number of students who are willing to learn and succeed in their life makes room for the private colleges in Mirpur to provide education to the students.

Other private colleges in Mirpur are also on the mission of earning respect among the educational institutions. The strategy of these private institutions is to provide education in a more prominent and helping way. Students who are enrolled in these private colleges have a very good response when asked about the educational methods of private colleges in Mirpur. Students of Mirpur now have all the facilities to gain higher education in both the government and private institutions.

List Of Universities In Mirpur

Government universities in Mirpur like the University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir allow the students to obtain higher education in an affordable way. There was a time when students faced difficulties to get higher education in the city of Mirpur. But later many government universities in Mirpur have been established to provide outstanding higher education. Mirpur University of Science and Technology is a well-known institution of Mirpur. The students from the district of Mirpur and other cities of Pakistan come to this institution to complete degrees in various disciplines. But in the list of private universities of Mirpur comes the Mohi-ud-Din Islamic Medical College. This college is very prestigious as it was the first college in the region of Azad Kashmir to provide degree programs in the field of medicine.