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Peshawar, the capital and largest city of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, is a great historical city that is known worldwide for its great importance as a city of noblemen and warriors. Now, colleges in Peshawar make the city famous for quality education. In recent times, the city has been able to prove its worth as one of the best cities of Pakistan when it comes to higher education. The city of Peshawar and its citizens are very eager to promote higher education. The prevailing financial stability and the atmosphere of peace in the city are promoting educational activities. The establishment of government colleges in Peshawar and public-private partnership between educational institutions is enhancing the quality of education in the city.

The colleges and universities situated in Peshawar are providing higher educations to the citizens of Pakistan as well as other citizens of different Pakistani cities. Currently, the universities in Peshawar can provide quality education in the subjects of humanities, sciences, and management. Students can study from a wide range of degree programs. With the ever-increasing demand for skilled professionals in every area of life, the students are now eager to complete their education in the fields of banking, accounting, finance, medicine, engineering, computer sciences, performing arts, mass communication, human resource management, and so on.

List Of Universities In Peshawar

A total of 9 public and private sector medical universities in Peshawar contribute to the production of highly skilled medical professionals. Although the government universities are capitalizing on the provided resources and are trying to improve the educational landscape, many private universities in Peshawar are also making a stronghold in the city. Some major universities and colleges of Peshawar include Abasyn University, CECOS University of IT and Emerging Sciences, Islamia College University, Khyber Medical University, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Peshawar Campus, University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, and the University of Peshawar. Students first have to complete their higher education in colleges in Peshawar to enroll in the universities in Peshawar.