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In Pakistan, the history subject has its own importance. The subject is studied by the students who choose the art study program at matric, intermediate, and bachelor levels of education. However, students are also pursuing a master's degree program in History subject. The subject is all about the history of Pakistan. However, it also touches on the minor aspects of worldwide history. While getting educated about the history of Pakistan students can get the knowledge of almost all the major historical events before the partition of Pakistan as well as after the partition period or the independence of Pakistan.

The subject is wide and, therefore, the syllabus of the subject is also lengthy. Here we also share an idea with the students that it is not an easy deal to cover this lengthier syllabus. Students, sometimes, get it hard to overcome the syllabus and also face some challenges in passing this syllabus. So, you are recommended that you have to practice and prepare well before going to appear for your final examination session. However, we also encourage all the students, who are going to appear for this subject, to work hard. For the convenience of the students here we come with almost all the possible aspects that one should know about this study program or the aspects for which a student look before getting enrolled for this particular study program:

Types Of MA History Study Program In Pakistan

There are two major modes of study you can find in Pakistan to study the MA History study program and the detail of these modes of studies is mentioned below:

  1. MA History Private Study Program
  2. There are several universities that are available in Pakistan that is offering an MA English private program. For example, Punjab University, Peshawar University, Karachi University, and some others are listed among those institutes that are offering this opportunity to the students. Students who are involved in some professional fields, and those who do not have time to attend the classes physically due to some genuine reasons, MA English private program is the best option for them. While perusing such an amazing opportunity students can easily complete their studies without attending regular classes. They are just required to appear for the final exams at the designated examination halls.

    The private mode of education or study is the best option for the students who are busy in their professional careers or those who are not able to attend the regular classes because of the universities’ tuition fees and some other responsibilities. So, if you are entitled to this category then you have the option to enroll and appear as a private candidate.

  3. MA History Regular Study Program
  4. Unlike the private mode of study, the regular mode of study is totally different. Students are required to get enrolled in any of the private sector universities of Pakistan or public sector universities of Pakistan. Students have to go through the specific admission criteria that their particular chosen universities ask. While pursuing a regular program, students have to go through a comparatively different syllabus than the syllabus of the private program.

General Eligibility Criteria for MA English Programing

The MA History eligibility criteria are different according to the rules and regulations of the universities. For example, the private universities show different admission eligibility criteria for the MA History program and the public universities show their own. However, here we come with the general eligibility criteria that are the same by almost all types of universities:

  • Applicants with 14 years of education, a BA study program, or any other equivalent degree are eligible for this program.
  • Applicants are required to secure at least 50% marks and to complete a degree from a recognized university in Pakistan.
  • Almost all the previous academic records will be required to show at the time of admission.
  • The universities also ask for the identity documents of the candidates.

Required Documents For MA History Study Program

The following are the general documents the applicants must submit along with their admission application.

  • Attested copy of SSC or equivalent certificate.
  • Attested copy of HSSC or equivalent certificate.
  • Attested copy of BA or equivalent certificate.
  • Attested copy of identity documents such as ID card.
  • Attested copy of parents’ identity documents such as ID card.
  • In case of any hope certificate or equivalent certificate, students will be required to submit.

Note: Besides these documents, your chosen university may also ask for some other additional documents. So, to secure your admission you have to submit all these additional asking documents.

Admission Cycle For MA History Study Program

MA History admission cycle is different according to the mode of study. For example, the admission cycle for the private program is different than that of the regular program. At the same time, the admission cycle may also be different according to the policies of different universities. However, for the private universities, the admission cycle for the MA History program runs between September and November. The admissions are offered once a year. On the other hand, for the regular study program, admission is offered twice a year and the following is the detail of the admission cycle:

Winter Semester Admission: For the winter semester admission is open in August or September.
Summer Semester Admission: For the summer semester admission is open in February or March.

Fee Structure For MA History Study Program

MA History fee structure is another important discussion by the students who are thinking to start this study program. Well, students are offered a general idea that the triton fee varies from universities to universities. However, the recent survey about the tuition fee for the MA History program reveals that the study program charges are between 10,000 and 35,000 per semester.

Study Opportunities After MA History Study Program

The MA History study program is a gateway towards the M.Phil. and Ph.D. in History subject. Students can find M.Phil. And Ph.D. programs by several universities in Pakistan including private universities and government universities. So, those who want to start their postgraduate program have the opportunities to do so.

Career Opportunities After MA History Study Program

Those students who are thinking to start their professional careers after the MA history program can get a lot of opportunities to start a bright career or future. The following are the best options that exist for a candidate with an MA History degree program:

Secondary School Teacher: Candidates can easily grab a position as a secondary school teacher. However, they can also apply for a private tutor. In Pakistan, tutors are gaining good revenue if they are really qualified for this profession. Journalist: MA History program also brings the opportunity for the candidates to start their career as a journalist which is a good and bright career opportunity. Civil Service Jobs: This is another most respected position that qualified persons can easily obtain once after completing their MA History program. Archeologist: Archeologist is another amazing as well as a respected profession to do in Pakistan after completing the MA History program. Those who are interested in this profession can easily get the opportunity of this program. Information Officer: While having great information about the history of Pakistan one can also avail of the opportunity to grab a position as an information officer in Pakistan and can earn a handsome amount.

Latest Updates Of MA History Study Program

If you have decided on the MA History study program and you are also considered yourself an eligible person for this program then you are advised to keep in touch with us especially during the mentioned admission cycle. This is because here you can find the latest admission updates of time.