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The computer science field has reached to a large extent. Today, the field comes under the list of the most prestigious professions. Today throughout the world higher education degrees are offering to candidates who are interested to start their professional careers in the computer science field. The degree program, Masters of Science in Computer Science, MSCS is an advanced level education of computer and technology-related fields. The study program enlightens one’s mind in a specific or particular area of computer studies.

The study program is valuable throughout the world and with the emerging technology trends in Pakistan, students in Pakistan are also showing their great interests to grab potential knowledge in the particular field or area of computer science. The idea of the trend of computer studies we can take from the fact that today in Pakistan a large number of higher education institutes have been established that are offering professional degrees in computer sciences fields. Students who are looking to start a higher education career in a computer science subject and are looking for complete information that what is the eligibility criteria, what are the supporting documents, what is the admission cycle, and what is the tuition fee ranges, they can get all the potential information here in this page:

MSCS Program Eligibility Criteria

For every single study program, we find specific eligibility criteria by following which we can secure the admissions in our desired study program. Similarly, for the MSCS study program, the universities come with specific eligibility criteria. Students are offered a general idea that the criteria may be different by different types of universities. But overall criteria is the same by most of the universities including private sector universities and public sector universities. So, read out this general given MSCS eligibility criteria carefully to secure your admission in your chosen institute:

  • 16 years of education in computer science or related field from a recognized university is required to be eligible.
  • It is mandatory to secure at least 2.5 CGPA in BS or MSC degree to be eligible for the MSCS study program.
  • Several universities call students for entrance exams and this is the basic evaluation process to offer admissions to the deserving candidates.
  • Candidates may also be called to appear for the interview that is considered as the final evaluation point to offer admissions.

MSCS Study Program Admission Process

The admission process is different according to the universities. For example, some universities accept online admission applications. However, some universities entertain both modes of admission applications including online admission applications as well as offline admission applications. So, for this purpose, students have to ask directly the administration department of their chosen university that what type of admission process they are leading.

MSCS Study Program Required Documents

For submitting the admission applications students are asked to submit some supporting documents that are necessary and based on which students can secure their admissions. The following is the detail of the documents that are generally required by all types of universities.

However, the particular universities may also ask for any other additional documents and students have to show those additional documents to grab a seat in their particular chosen program. Here we would also like to share helpful tips with the students that make sure you are going to submit the application with the complete documents, otherwise, your application would not be entertained:

  • Attested copy of matric or equivalent certificate.
  • Attested copy of the intermediate or equivalent certificate.
  • Transcripts of BS or 02 years’ master's program.
  • Candidates’ identity documents.
  • In the case of an equivalency certificate is required, it should be submitted along with your admission application.

MSCS Program Admission Deadlines

The admission deadlines may vary from the study program to study program and university to university. Almost all the universities including private sector universities and public sector universities MSCS study program completes in 02 years and students have to complete 04 semesters to complete their study program. If students are worried about the exact MSCS admission deadlines then they are recommended to contact their selected universities. Admissions are open twice a year or after the completion of every single semester. However, here we offered general admission deadlines to students:

Winter Semester: Admissions are closed in September or October.
Summer Semester: Admissions are closed in February or March.

MSCS Program Fee Structure

In Pakistan, the MSCS program is offering through a large number of universities. The fee difference comes to see according to the nature of the university. For example, public sector universities offer a degree at less tuition fee as compared to the private sector universities. Moreover, the difference in tuition fees can also be seen through the different specialization programs in MSCS. However, according to the recent examination about MSCS tuition fees by various universities, it is concluded that the MSCS fee ranges from 24,000 PKR to 124,000 PKR per semester.

MSCS Program Duration

MSCS program completes in 02 years and almost all the universities run the program under the semester system. Every semester completes in 06 months. So, students have to complete 04 semesters.

Study Options After MSCS

Students once after completing the MSCS study program can apply for the Ph.D. program. Students can get both of the opportunities to apply for the Ph.D. programs in Pakistan as well as a Ph.D. program in foreign universities.

Career Options After MSCS

As we have discussed above that the computer science field is the most valuable as well as a growing field in Pakistan. This is the reason that the field comes with extraordinary career opportunities. However, the below given are the most valuable professions that one can start once after completing their MSCS study program:

IT Consultants: IT consultant is, basically, a person who can deliver potential ideas about the Information Technology field. The person works as the pillar of any IT related company and can earn a lot with this profession.

Security Consultant: Because of information technology the security level has also increased to an amazing level. Today the cybersecurity agencies are paying their best to offer complete security and after completing the MSCS program one can also get a position as a security consultant in Pakistan.

IT Manager: While having an advanced level of knowledge about computer science or the IT field one can easily lead a team for several IT-related applications.

Database Scientist: This is one of the most valued professions that you can start after completing the MSCS program. This field is not only demanded in Pakistan. But throughout the world, you can earn a handsome amount under this profession.

Back-End Developer: For websites and mobile applications, back end development plays a pivotal role. Without back-end development and functioning the existence of websites and mobile applications is not possible. That is why this is another most demanded profession and you can involve yourself in this field after completing your MSCS program.

Artificial Intelligence: This is another growing field in Pakistan by following which one can get amazing and successful career opportunities in Pakistan.

Technical Writer: For delivering ideas regarding the computer science field or about a particular area of computer science filed technical content writers are required by the technology giants or IT companies. If you have good command in understanding all the technical terms and studies and also have the ability to deliver them precisely to others, then you can start your professional career as a technical writer.

Computer Science Lecturer: By obtaining advanced level knowledge in computer science or a particular area related to the computer science field one can start teaching or instructing students at college and university level.

MSCS Study Program Admission Updates

Students who are interested to start their higher education career in the computer science field and are still in search of the best institute can check all the admission updates here. We publish all the MSCS admission notices here from the private sector universities in Pakistan as well as the public sector universities in Pakistan.

City Wise List of College/University for MSCS Admissions in Pakistan