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LAT stands for Law admission test arranged by the higher education commission of Pakistan. The test provides the opportunity to the students and they can get admission in the undergraduate LLB degree program in both public and private sectors educational institutes. The admission is subjected to the clearance of the admission test and afterward, the students can continue their studies in this particular domain. All the HEC recognized universities made it mandatory to pass the LAT test before the admission process on the direction of the Supreme Court. With the development and advancement in the education sector, the admission tests have become the ultimate need to assess the knowledge of the students for the specified fields.

LAT Test 2021

LAT is a basic test, evaluates the aptitude and potential of the candidates that seek admission in the LLB five-year programs. It also determined their interest and the attitude to become Lawyer, Judge, Consultant, and Attorney as their future career. Many students aspire to pursue their career as law professionals and by appearing in the test they can compete to secure the seat in the desired institutions. The HEC has issued the proper instructions to guide the students. Are you looking for the complete details of the LAT test 2021, then you are at the right platform. has tracked down all the essential information related to the test to facilitate the students.

The students that are planning to appear in the HEC LAT 2021 are recommended to go through this platform so that they can get to know the fundamentals of the test. The details about the eligibility criteria, syllabus, and paper patter, online registration, and the other examination particulars of the law admission test 2021 are mentioned here. Remain in touch with and learn about all the recent updates.

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Teacher Asst Saba shared a post.
Jan 12, 2021
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Jan 11, 2021

The next activity is Speech Competition. You have to make maximum 3 minutes video of your speech and send it to The deadline to submit your video is 12 pm till 13-01-2021 (Wednesday). Must Mention Your complete name and class while sending your email. Use your own words in speech. Don't use material from net. The topic for the speech is 

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Jan 08, 2021

Big opportunity for all of you to gain motivation and tips for your life. Make this pic as your WhatsApp status and post it on your Facebook and also make it your FB status. That session will be open to all. You all can invite your friends too for this session.  

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Jan 03, 2021

                    According to Gregorian calendar 2020 was considered as a leap year which commenced on dreadful Wednesday and left upon us irremovable scars of its cruelty.     It was the year full of drama along disastrous events which effected the lives of billions. It hit hard upon individual , State even at international level no one was forgiven .  It was reprehensive year in terms of economy for many developing third world countries like Pakistan which suffered inflation soar in general price level of commodities.    At individual level 2020 was notorious for disseminating large scale unemployment especially in periphery countries which are the satellites of developed countries labour faced decline in wages despite of tedious efforts . As for as educational institutes are concerned , they were at the top priority list of Government to impose Lockdown measures upon. Students suffered a lot in this baneful pandemic situation. they were stabilised by joining online institutions like a bit otherwise it turned out to be disastrous year for those who were confined inside the walls and indulged badly in overthinking and slowly became prey to stress that ceased their intellectual abilities.                              AS for as system level is concerned , International voluntary institution for Human Welfare suffered a lot due to strict lock down measures across the globe . Globally COVID_19 struck hard all over the world but in third world countries it left long lasting scars upon economy that would take time to shape up their infrastructure . Unemployment prevailed throughout the Globe most of the Countries turned ti IMF assistance.  Another unforgettable event that occured in 2020 was the harsh impact of Global warming which was witnessed by bushfire in Australia . It was the negligence of Trump administration in regard of Global warming.          Though 2020 was full of dramatic events which no one wants to renounce but it was also a blessing in disguise for many of us youngsters , it taught us life lessons which will remain preserved in our minds throughout our life and give us confidence to organize every peril situation in our life effectively . With the enforcement of lock down we get ample time to search or join any course on internet.   We realized that today world has become a global village we are living in a integrated society we can get in touch with international community within seconds . As personally i have learned so many new skills to engaged myself in earning online and it benefitted a lot . By going through this dry patch we developed a attitude to tackle any harsh condition in life without losing hope as ups and downs are part of life but man should not lose hope as it against the dignity of man.                     By associating myself with i learned a lot during this harsh patch of life. I was keen to get engaged in every assignment and i worked hard to crack my aim. Despite working hard i missed my first chance but i'm not hopeless as 2020 taught me  Great things never come from comfort zones. I am ready to take any challenge in my life and will push myself hard to accomplish my tasks on time.          Another life lesson that i granted from this year is that we should respect ones freedom as it is not free by experiencing lock down of several months we realized and felt sorry for Kashmir people who are still suffering from this , we should be thankful to Allah for bestowing us with that wonderful country.                                                  In the end i just want to humble those people who correct me really without them i will keep repeating mistakes but they orginized me through out my journey and sir Farhan is one of them.  i am keen to limit my challenges ,i will challenge my limits at every step of my life.