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Online Video Lectures, lectures of Chemistry are beneficial for all students who are going to participate on entrance exam preparation. With the appearance of innovation, the techniques for learning and educating have outstandingly changed. The methods of learning and educating have without a doubt developed with time. Glancing back over your Bio, Chem, and Physics textbooks, updating your notes and working sample problems to make sure you still can. 

Biology Video Lectures :

Well there are numbers of benefits of video lectures for students, some are pointing below:
You will experience Comfort & Convenience of studying at home or any other place, at any preferred time.
Everyone is a Front Row Student.
Play, Pause, Replay as per requirement.
Continuity in studies.
Complete synchronization with school/institute studies.
No missing lectures when sick or while traveling.
No time wasted in commutation.
Effective method for quick revision

Video Lectures for Mdcat Entry Test:

There is plenty of stuff on for all hardworking aspirants who are worried about their MDCAT & BDS entrance exam preparation. It’s not only about Video Lecture you can also participate in MCQs Test, Practice Past Papers. Practice more passages to discover more and more and more and more things that you don’t know. Always think positively and get comfortable with the depth of your ignorance.Remove that phrase from your mind. You want to be able to get through all the material before the exam. Online Video Lectures have created so much easiness for students especially for those who don’t want to join any academy for their MCAT & BDS Preparation. By sitting easily at home students can clear all difficult point and clear their concepts. Stay in touch and Get Brilliant result. Best wishes !!


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Sep 27, 2020


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Apr 28, 2020

What is total number of peptide bonds in one hemoglobin molecules? 573 or 570?

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Oct 15, 2019

What is monophyletic paraphyletic and poly phyletic   

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Umair polyphyletic:Not sharing common ancestor have more than 1 ancestors
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Umair Paraphyletic:(of a group of organisms) descended from a common evolutionary ancestor or ancestral group, but not including all the descendant groups.