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28 January, 2021 Views 39

Bacha Khan University To Introduce Dress Code For Students

Bacha Khan University has announced to introduce the dress code for the students. The decision about the implementation of the dress code will be implemented soon. According to the university officials, the female students will wear the scarf with an abaya. The jeans, shorts, tights, makeup, jewelry, fancy clothes, and high heels will be forbidden for the girls to wear on the university premises. For the boys, the new dress code will be blue/black dress pants, shalwar qameez, jackets, and coats. The male students will not be allowed to wear skintight jeans, shorts, cut-off jeans, sports shoes, jeans, and wristbands.

Decision By University

The vice-chancellor of Bacha Khan University Professor Dr. Bashir Ahmad has directed the officials of the university to make the plan regarding the inclusion of the Quran in the curriculum. The proposed plan will be presented to the university syndicate for approval. The meeting of the academic council was held in which the vice-chancellor and other members participated to take significant decisions about the academics. In the meeting, the new dress code was also finalized in compliance with the religious teachings, and after the approval of the syndicate; the new dress code will be introduced. 

Dress Code for Teachers

As per the notification issued by Bacha Khan University, the dress code will be also introduced for the teachers as well. The male staff members will not be permitted to wear jeans, sandals, and earrings. The female teachers will not be allowed to wear short shirts. The vice-chancellor of the university has said that it is mandatory for the students as well as teachers to follow the new dress code. Furthermore, he stated that to make the young generation aware of the Islam teachings, Quran will be taught to the students along with the translation so that students can become responsible citizens. Earlier the Hazara University had also issued the dress code for the students and teachers.