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29 October, 2020 Views 6409

BISE Lahore Announces Reduced Syllabus For Intermediate Classes

Lahore Board issues Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) for Intermediate Part-I and Part-II classes. According to the latest notification, the new syllabus will only be applicable for the intermediate exams that will be held in 2021. The new reduced syllabus of the Lahore Board is approved by the Minister of Education and the Secretary of School Education Department. According to the new syllabus, the students of Intermediate Part-I and Part-II will now have to only prepare for the condensed syllabus that is specifically designed to help the students. Lahore board's new smart syllabus 2020 is indeed great news for the intermediate students.

Contents of Accelerated Learning Program
The syllabus of the following subjects has been condensed for Class XI
Mathematics (Algebra and Trigonometry)
And the following subjects of Class XII will be studied according to the new syllabus
1. English
2. Urdu
3. Mutaliya Pakistan
4. Physics
5. Chemistry
6. Mathematics (Calculus and Analytical Geometry)
7. Biology 
8. Computer

Effectiveness Of The Reduced Syllabus
The new Lahore board syllabus 2020 is only effective for the year 2021 exams. This syllabus is prepared to assist all the students who have not been able to attend regular classes this year due to the COVID-19 situation. Students and the educationists were raising voice about changing the exam criteria or altering the syllabus for the 2021 exams. At first, the board officials were not providing any clear cut answer to the queries. But now the board has made it easy for the students to prepare for the exams with this new syllabus.

Limitations Of ALP Syllabus
The new smart syllabus of the Lahore board 2020 is only prepared for the medical, engineering, and computer students. Students of other groups will have to prepare their complete syllabus. However, the students who are not enrolled in medical, engineering, and computer program will be able to prepare the condensed syllabus for the compulsory subjects. The compulsory subjects for all the intermediate groups are English, Urdu, Mutaliya Pakistan, and Islamiyat. However, the students of Engineering, Medical, and Computer of Part-I and Part-II will benefit the most from this new scheme.