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31 October, 2020 Views 1091

Federal Government To Include The Teaching Of The Holy Prophet's (PBUH) Life Into Grade 7-9 Curriculums

The Prime minister of Pakistan has announced that the federal government will include the teaching of the Holy Prophet's (PBUH) life into curriculums for students of grades seven to nine. The pronouncement was made while addressing the National Rehmatul Lil Alameen Conference on the occasion of Eid Milad un Nabi. While discussing the importance of Islamic values he clearly stated that it is essential for the young students to have an understanding of the life of the Holy Prophet. Currently, the educated youth of the country is unaware of many Islamic rules that must be followed in order to succeed in life and hereafter. While quoting the example of some famous figures of the word the Prime minister said the youth need to learn from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Once the child will study the life of the Prophet, there will be a change in them. 

Quran Education Bill

Previously National Assembly had approved the Quran Education Bill. According to it, the Quran will be taught in all the educational institutes along with the other subjects of the curriculum. The officials highlighted the significance of understanding the holy book in higher education institutes. As per the instructions, the students will study the Quran with Urdu translation to understand in a better way. 

Importance of Islamic Education

No one can deny the importance of Islamic education as it is very compulsory to tackle the issues properly. If the students from their early education will have the knowledge of the complete teachings of Islam, then they would be able to comprehend the solutions of the problems that they might face in the future. By incorporating the topics regarding the life of the Holy Prophet the students will have better knowledge that how life should be spent by following all the values.