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12 January, 2021 Views 38

HEC Agrees On Continuation Of BA, BSc & MA, MSc Programs For Next 2 Years

The higher education commission of Pakistan has agreed on the continuation of the two-year degree program such as MA/MSc and BA/BSc for the next two years till 2022. The candidates can now easily get enrolled in these programs easily offered by the various universities. According to the Vice-chancellor University of Peshawar, the HEC has allowed the universities to offer admission in the undergraduate two-year degree program after considering the requests submitted by the various concerned authorities. 

Demand By KP Universities

Earlier the meeting of the vice-chancellors of the KP public sector universities was conducted in which they demanded the HEC to allow the continuation of the conventional degree programs of Master of Arts/Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Sciences at the institutes across the province. They further said that the abolition was not beneficial for the students as a large number of students get admission in these degree programs every year. It was also pointed out that due to this decision the universities will face a financial crisis as they gather major revenue from the fee collected from the students of BA/BSc and MA/MSc degree programs.

Abolishment Of Two Year Degree Programs

In the last year 2020, it was announced to abolish the two years BA/BSc and MA/MSc degree program in the universities and colleges of Pakistan. The conventional degrees were replaced with the associate degree whose duration will be four years. The HEC has issued the notification for all the public and private sector educational institutes to stop offering the two-year degree program as the HEC will not recognize the degree issued after the 31st December 2018. But despite the announcement made by the commission, many colleges and universities have been still inviting applications from the candidates to get admission in the two-year degree program. Now it is officially allowed to pursue the degree so the students can enroll without having any inconvenience. The HEC will revise this decision regarding the abolishment after 2022.