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15 January, 2021 Views 1289

Murad Raas Guarantees Proper Implementation of COVID-19 SOPs After Reopening Schools

The review session of all the provincial education ministers is going to be held today on 15th January 2020 to review the situation of the coronavirus and to consider the reopening of the educational institutes according to the previously mentioned schedule. Punjab education minister, Murad Raas has guaranteed the proper implementation of COVID-19 SOPs after the reopening of schools. He urged the parents to send their children to the schools as the government assures the strict compliance of the preventative measures in all the institutes. 

Phase-Wise Reopening

The federal education minister, Shafqat Mahmood had earlier announced that all the educational institutes including schools, universities, and colleges of Pakistan will be reopened from 18th January 2021 in different phases. As per the instructions of the federal government the institutes had been closed from 26th November 2020 due to the second wave of coronavirus. The meeting of all the education ministers was held on 4th January in which after reviewing the coronavirus situation the authorities agreed to resume the academic activities. Afterward, the Shafqat Mahmood announced that another meeting will be held to monitor the latest situation of coronavirus in the country. 

Statement of Murad Raas

Murad Raas has said that the government is reopening the schools from 18th January 2021 in the first phase so all the high school students should attend the school. In the second phase, the students of the elementary and primary schools will resume the physical classes. However, all the students will come to the universities on 1st February 2021. The minister added that there will be proper discipline in all the schools regarding the COVID-19 SOPs and moreover the officials will review the situation from time to time to check the institutes. When the educational institutes were reopened previously in September after six months, the government remained also vigilant at that time and halted the spread of the coronavirus. So during this reopening phase, the SOPs will be followed more strictly as the safety of the children is the foremost priority for the government.