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31 December, 2020 Views 641

PMC Issues Revised Policy For Unrecognized Alternative To Post Graduate Programs

Pakistan medical commission has issued the revised policy for the unrecognized alternative to postgraduate programs. The commission has made the official announcement and stated that many universities across Pakistan have introduced the clinical additional/clinical alternative to postgraduate programs and are not recognized by the Pakistan medical commission. It is further said that the PMC will inspect all the clinical programs and the teaching hospitals where the training is being conducted. Currently, the Medical and Dental Academic Board is considering the criteria for the teaching hospitals for approval to offer such programs. Until then the universities may provisionally continue with the offered programs as university-recognized programs. 

Directives Issued By PMC

Following are the directives issued by the Pakistan medical commission according to the notification. 
  1. If an offered clinical program and the teaching hospital are recognized by the PMC post-inspection, then degrees will be awarded to the registered students irrespective of their induction and qualification will be recognized for licensing purposes. 
  2. In case the program and the teaching hospital are not recognized by PMC post-inspection, then in order to be qualified the candidates have to undertake the training as recommended by the Pakistan medical commission and certified by the supervisor at the recognized equivalent program.
  3. Trainees at programs that are not recognized by the PMC post-inspection will be permitted to move to another recognized equivalent program subject for the further training period as recommended by Pakistan medical commission that is necessary to be undertaken to obtain the certification. 

Policy For Future Programs

All clinical postgraduate, alternative, and additional can only be offered by the universities recognized by the Pakistan medical commission. Any university that intends to introduce the programs has to seek permission from the PMC for the initiation of the degree programs. PMC will inspect both the program and the teaching hospital for the purpose of the recognition. If the program is not recognized then the students will be at the risk.