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29 October, 2020 Views 1254

Schools In Sindh Might Get Closed Once Again

The Sindh Government’s decision of keeping schools open for students might change as Education Minister Saeed Ghani hints at closing the schools. While addressing the media in a ceremony in a school in Karachi for distributing tablets among students, he clarified that the decision of opening the schools was to continue the educational process. Now, as the Sindh government has published new guidelines regarding the COVID-19, it is unclear whether schools will remain open or not. Saeed Ghani disclosed that the Government has not yet taken any decision over closing the schools or keeping them open.

Covid-19 And Education In Pakistan

The country-wide lockdown that was imposed earlier this year in March limited the educational activities across the country. At first, many schools waited for the reopening orders of schools, so no classes were arranged. But later on, some schools decided to provide online classes. A large population in Pakistan does not have access to the internet and smart devices. Getting connected to the internet and taking classes is difficult for students both in the rural and urban areas. The decision of the government to announce the 10th class result all over Pakistan and reopening the schools on September 25 is indeed great for the students who couldn’t afford online classes.

Schools Should Remain Open

Saeed Ghani, Education Minister in Sindh stressed that it is difficult for many students to take online classes. He also raised concerns over the issues of quality education in Sindh as there are not many schools in the province. Premier organizations such as the World Bank and World Health Organization are in favor of keeping the schools open for the students. According to the institutions, students from developing countries couldn’t take the class during the pandemic. So the students must appear in the schools to attend classes to overcome the loss in their studies. However, the final decision will be taken by the Sindh government about closing the schools. If the COVID-19 virus keeps spreading in the province, the Sindh government will be forced to close the schools once again.