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16 October, 2020 Views 119

Sindhi Medical Universities Turn To Sindh High Court To Ban PMC

The situation created by the COVID-19 lockdown all over Pakistan has created confusion in the process of admission to public and private universities of Sindh. Vice-Chancellors of five medical universities have requested to ban PMC for ensuring a smooth admission process in Sindh. This year the condition of admitting new students in medical and dental colleges of Sindh got worse when Pakistan Medical Commission took over the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. But premier universities of Sindh are not satisfied with the admission policies placed by the Pakistan Medical Commission and want the Court to ban PMC.

Entry Test In Sindh

The vice-chancellor of People's university Nawabshah told the media that he and the other four vice-chancellors want to conduct the entrance test for medical and dental colleges that were planned to be taken on Sunday, October 18, 2020. He further added that the committee for admission in medical and dental colleges of Sindh was about to take the test under their supervision. But the PMC wants the Provincial committee to act by the unitary guidelines of conducting a singular entrance test across the country. But the universities of Sindh are not content with the decision of the federal government to conduct the entrance test under the PMC.

Students And The Entrance Policy

The government of Sindh has denied the ruling of PMC to control the entrance test in Sindh. According to the Sindh government, the step by the federal government to give PMC the power of overseeing the admission process in medical and dental colleges in Pakistan was taken in a hurry. The decision by the Government of Sindh to boycott the authority of PMC might or might not be in the favor of students. But as of now, thousands of aspirants of medical and dental colleges from Sindh are worried about their admissions. The COVID-19 saga has already affected the routine studies of students and has limited their ability to prepare for the entrance. Now, the tension between authorities on admissions is making it difficult for the students to prepare for the upcoming test.