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13 November, 2020 Views 720

Stipend To Increase For Deserving Students Under Waseela Taleem Program

Waseela Taleem was initiated by the government to provide financial assistance to the students of the primary schools of 4 to 12 years old. Initially, the program was limited to only a few areas of the country but now the Prime minister, Imran Khan has announced to expand this scholarship program nationwide for the deserving students.  Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation Dr. Sania Nishtar said that the stipend amount for deserving students has been increased under this program and the boys will be given a quarterly stipend of Rs1,500 and Rs2,000 to girls so that they can continue their studies without facing any problem. The main aim of the Waseela Taleem Program is to encourage poor families to send their schools to get the education without having any additional financial burden. 

Selection of Candidates

The selection of candidates will be purely based on the merit proposed by the government. To ensure accuracy and transparency, the authorities adopted digital procedures to select deserving students. Waseela Taleem Program will facilitate the majority of the students at the primary level so that they can study to earn their livelihood later on. 

Waseela Taleem Program In Balochistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has also announced to launch of the Waseela Taleem Program in Balochistan. PM will give a detailed briefing on the program during his visit to Baluchistan to highlight the importance of the scholarship program. According to the sources, two million children have been registered for Waseela Taleem Program. Dr. Nishtar mentioned that the program will be expanded to five million children. In the new phase of the scholarship program, the government will appoint a special committee to end any sort of corruption in granting the scholarships to the students. Previously the program was run by a non-governmental organization but now the federal government will also take part and will not rely completely on the NGOs