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10 October, 2020 Views 65

The Government Once Again Busts The Fake News Of Closing Schools

Fake news about closing news is being spread as the country is under the fear of another wave of COVID-19. But as usual, the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has cleared its stance about schools. In the latest notification issued by the Ministry on Friday, it is clear that the government has no plans to shut down the schools in the fear of another surge in COVID-19 spread.

Why fake news takes rounds on social media?

One of the biggest problems that are present all around the world in this digital age is the spread of fake news. People either don't think about following the official news sources or the regulatory authorities don't use social media as a platform to publish notifications. Government bodies in Pakistan have stayed in action for educating the masses about the policies of the Government of Pakistan regarding the education sector. As schools in Pakistan reopened on 15th of the September, many fake news sources reported that schools will be closing again on October 15. The Ministry of Education has advised the students to don't believe in the news of schools closing down. Ministry of Education has also been encouraging the people to follow only genuine notifications.

What responsibility lies on Parents and Schools?

It is thankfully true that Government wants to keep the schools open and doesn't want to stop the educational activities. However, as there is still on a publically available vaccine for COVID-19, the masses must abide by the COVID-19 safety guidelines imposed by the Government in Pakistan. According to the WHO guidelines, every person is advised to wash their hands as often as possible. Using hand sanitizers, disinfecting the surfaces, and wearing face masks is also helpful to control the spread of COVID-19. Schools education departments in Pakistan and all the other relevant government bodies are using all the communication mediums to aware people of the safety guidelines. Parents and educational institutes have to make sure that they abide by the policies and keep the students safe from the deadly virus.