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09 October, 2020 Views 38

Things You Should Know Before Going To Appear For IELTS Exam In 2020

International English Language Testing System, IELTS is a system to evaluate the English language proficiency level of the candidates who are willing to apply for study abroad and to migrate for living or working purposes in the countries where the medium of communication is the English Language. Here you can find all the things about IELTS that everyone must know before going to appear for IELTS.  
Types Of IELTS Test 
Generally, there are two major types of IELTS and these are discussed below:
General IELTS: General IELTS is for the purpose to apply for migration, secondary education, working purposes, and training programs, etc. in a country with an English speaking environment.  
Academic IELTS: Academic IELTS is for the purpose to apply for higher education in the countries where English is used to speak as an official language or where study programs are taught in the English language. 
Modules Of IELTS
IELTS Test consists of 04 major modules;
Reading: This section is comprised of 3 sections and 40 questions and candidates are provided 60 minutes to complete the section. 
Candidates are asked to read the three types of texts and these texts are derived from the newspapers, journals, magazines, books, and some other media forms. 
Writing: This section is comprised of two pieces of writing and 60 minutes are provided to cover the tasks. 
The first piece of writing is about 150 words description on a specific topic and the second task is comprised of a 250 words article on a specific given topic.  
Listening: Listening section is comprised of 4 sections and 40 questions and candidates are required to cover the task within 30 minutes. 
Section I and II consist of typical social situations whereas tasks III and IV are comprised of educational or training conversations. Candidates are required to give answers based on these conversations.  
Speaking: It is a face to face interview with your invigilator. 
There are three types of different tasks including introduction, speech on a particular given topic, and two-way conversation or discussion. 
IELTS Skill Level With Scores 

The following chart is showing the IELTS score with skill level:

S. No


Skill Level

09 Bands

Expert User


08 Bands

Very Good User

07 Bands

Good User


06 Bands

Competent User


05 Bands

Modest User


04 Bands

Limited User


03 Bands

Extremely Limited User


02 Bands

Intermittent User


01 Bands



0 Bands

Did Not Appear For Test

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