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Here we bring the complete solution for intermediate students who want to get good practice for final examination within less consumption of time. Here at this page 11th class Urdu textbook is available. Urdu subject is compulsory one subject at intermediate level and syllabus of this subject is, somehow, different as compared to other subjects. In these subjects, students are asked to read stories, poems, odes, and grammatical rules. In order to get good command on these types of contents, the best option is to read these again and again. This is because there is no technical terms used in these kinds of subjects. Before going to any other helpful contents. Just take your inter textbook 2024 in hand and read the syllabus again and again.



Key Facts on 1st Year  Urdu Textbook FSc Part 1 Intermediate HSSC 1 Punjab Boards

Book Name  Urdu
Grade 1st Year, 11th, Inter Part 1
Number of Pages 124
Number of Chapters 34
Chapter Name Ch 1. اسوہ حسنہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم
Ch 2. اپنی مد د آپ
Ch 3. سر سید احمد کے اخلاق و خصائل
Ch 4. ابوالقاسم زہراوی
Ch 5. ادیب کی عزت
Ch 6. اووَرکوٹ
Ch 7. سفارش
Ch 8. چراغ کی لُو
Ch 9. مکتوباتِ غالب
Ch 10. مکتوباتِ اقبال
Ch 11. لاہور کا جغرافیہ
Ch 12. دوستی کا پھل
Ch 13. کیا واقعی دنیا گول ہے؟
Ch 14. اور آنا گھر میں مرغیوں کا
Ch 15. حمد
Ch 16. نعت
Ch 17. تسلم و رضا
Ch 18. مید انِ کربلا میں صبح کا منظر
Ch 19. مستقبل کی جھلک
Ch 20. برسات
Ch 21. ہلالِ استقلال
Ch 22. خطاب بہ جوانانِ اِسلام
Ch 23. پیغام
Ch 24. ا پیسٹریکٹ آرٹ
Ch 25. قطعات
Ch 26. لوکل بس
Ch 27. و حدانیت
Ch 28. جس سر کو غرور آج ہے ٰ یاں تاج وری کا
Ch 29. ہواے دور مٗےخوش گوار
Ch 30. پھر ے راہ سے وہ یہا ں آتے آتے
Ch 31. ا ثر اس کو زرا نہیں ہوتا
Ch 32. بھُلاتا لا کھ ہوں لیکن برابر یاد آتے ہو
Ch 33. نہ گنواؤ نیم کش دل ریزہ ریزہ گنوا دیا
Ch 34. کچھ غلط بھی تو نہیں تھا مرا تنہا ہونا
Marks in Exams 100 Total Marks
Language Availability  English Only
Estimated Price Approx. Rs. 200


Punjab Boards Part I Urdu Textbook:

For your convenience, you are to inform that online textbook is the thing which you can carry with you anytime anywhere. So, download sarmaya Urdu book from and prepare your subject. Once, you will complete your 11th textbook, hopefully, we can say that you will get all the ideas about the subject and all the topics. After having all the concepts in your mind you have to move for some helping sources for obtaining ideas for paper performance. For this purpose, you are to suggest going through 11th class Urdu video lectures. These will help you to remember all the topics in your mind. Then go through 11th class Urdu past papers to know the complete paper pattern that how examiners set your paper. 

11th Class Urdu Textbook Punjab Boards :

The examination session of intermediate class is coming near and do not wait much. Students hurry up and start your practice right now. We at give best wishes to all the students who will appear for annual examination this year and in the end, we again suggest them to get practice from these provided contents. Get English text book PTB 1st year Hopefully, you will get a better end result. Moreover, you are also requested to share these helpful contents to your friends and classmates because in this way more people will get maximum benefits.  
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