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  • Full Syllabus Video lectures
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Being an education base to score good marks in matric is considered essential as it affects the career choice of the students. So join the online video lectures available on campus.pk and maximize your chance to get maximum grades.

1st Year Course

The students can access the full syllabus video lectures by going through this platform. The complete information about all the subjects is mentioned here that facilitates the students to prepare for the exams effectively. The students can also interact with their instructors to resolve their doubts related to any topic.

Course Feature

  • Full Syllabus Video Lectures
  • All Subjects/Concepts Covered
  • 30,000+ MCQs Bank
  • Last 5 Years Past Papers
  • Full Length Practice Exams
  • All Board News & Updates
  • Community Support
  • Smart Analytics
  • Daily LIVE Classes
  • LIVE Tests With Discussion
  • Clear Any Doubts Immediately
  • Direct Access to Instructor

Fee Package

Rs. 2,500/month
Rs. 17,000/Year

NOTE: NOTE: The regular cost of Paid Package is Rs. 50,000/- However, we are offering huge discount on it for a limited time. The discount offer is subject to change anytime without prior notice

Only the best instructors can produce the best results

Our team of instructors are not here just to deliver a lecture but to inspire you and guide you to make your dream come true

Sir farhan Yousaf

MS Chemistry, LUMS Lahore 6+ Years of Experience

Sir Hammad Ishfaq

M. Phil mathematics 6 year teaching experience

Hassan Raza

M.Phil applied physics

Nadia Rana

MA. English

Sir Adeel Mahmood

Msc computer science CCNA  6+ Years of Experience

Sir Azib Abeer

M.Phil Molecular Biliology

Murtaza Sahir

M. phill urdu