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12th Class Mathematics study notes are offered to all the intermediate students. Students who have done their intermediate part I class are to be notified that now they are in part II class and it is the time to overcome the mistakes they have done in the previous part or section. It is true that at this stage students got the idea of board examination. So, that is why, they are now informed that make good efforts at this stage in order to obtain maximum marks in the end. But, if you are looking for a good pathway of practice routine then we welcome you here because only for this purpose we exist here. 

FSC Book 2 Mathematics Online Notes :

Students are to inform that these Mathematics 2021 notes can be a good reason of your success. This is because through these notes you can get the complete idea that with what nature your examiners will set paper and how you would perform paper in order to obtain maximum marks. So, do not wait much and join us and go through these online notes 2021. You can find a community of your classmates at through which you can make helpful discussion and you are also requested to add more people to these students’ community in order to obtain potential ways of learning. 

Mathematics Online Notes Intermediate Part II:

Intermediate part II students can find online notes of all other science and art subjects including 12th class Physics study notes, Chemistry notes 12th class and so on. Students who are satisfied with these online notes but also want to get something extra are to inform that first cover your syllabus through these online notes and then move on other helping sources such as 12th class Mathematics past papers. With the help of these past papers you can get the idea that what parts are important according to examination point of view and what are least important.   

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Zaak shared a post link.
Oct 08, 2020

Help me to solve question no 15

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Areeba Abid Yeh hai konsa question??
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Umema shared a post link.
Sep 16, 2020

How to get notes from this website?

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Maheen shared a post link.
Apr 18, 2020

mae study notes pr click krti hoon tou yeh aa jata h

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Raima mene bhi us pr click kia hai to ye agia hai
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Mueen shared a post link.
Feb 25, 2020

∫sin²x cosx dx Sovle this for me Please

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Faisal Derivatuve of sinx is cosx! In integration we have to see that without power is the derivative of function present in front of it or not luckily the derivate of sinx is present i_e cosx so we will add +1 in its power and also divide it with that. Hope it helped.
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AYESHA shared a post link.
Feb 16, 2020

English ki translation kis gauid book sa kran