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An important facility for 9th class students preparing for short questions education 9th class chapter 1 of BISE. Get hundreds of questions to prepare and get better marks in 9th education
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Our database contains a total of 0 questions for education Short Questions. You’ll prepare using this huge databank.

Question: 1
Discuss education in a communist society.
Answer: 1
In the communist society of Ex-Soviet Union communist philosophy was the ultimate end of education. The teacher, the curriculum and the policy makers -- all the stakeholders of the process of education, wanted to produce hosts of communists. Then education moved round one axis -- that was communism.
Question: 2
Write note on "Teaching Methodology".
Answer: 2
Teaching methodology of a teacher plays a vital role in the process of education. If the teacher is facilitative in his teaching mode, he can squeeze wonders from his group of students. But if the adapts a hash tone he could mar the softness of the young saplings of the nation.
Question: 3
Discuss the place of students in the process of education.
Answer: 3
It is no other than the student who is the axis of all efforts done with regards to education. It is the student whose multi dimensional development is the most preferred end of education.
Question: 4
Discuss education in Europe and America.
Answer: 4
Europe and America are industrialists societies. Their educational build up is quite different from the communist education. The education is skill oriented. Their educational system wants to see individuals as earning members. The ultimate end of their education is that a person must be self sufficient in earning. This is quite a materialistic concept of education.
Question: 5
Define education.
Answer: 5
The word education "has been derived from Latin "educer" meaning to know". Education means knowledge-of the fears of past, challenges of future and hazards of present. John Dewy terms education as the purification of experience. Education transmits culture. It develops individuals as well as the society. Education draws a line of difference between man and animal. Man was made the crown of creations because he had the power of knowledge.
Question: 6
Pen down functions of education.
Answer: 6
1. Creates civic sense amongst the people.
2. Inculcates moral values.
3. Sharpens human mind.
4. Creates learned personal.

9th Class Education Chapters Short Questions