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Question: 1
What ws the condition of the power of the force of Makkah.
Answer: 1
The force of Makkah consisted of one thousand soldiers, with one hundred horses, a large number of camels, six hundred iron armours and uncountable weapons.
Question: 2
Why the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) and solidiers came out of Madina.
Answer: 2
The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) with soldiers came out of Madina to stop the body of traders, which was coming from Syria.
Question: 3
What was the quantity of camels and horses within Islamic force.
Answer: 3
Seventy camesl and two horses.
Question: 4
When did Battle of Badr occur.
Answer: 4
On 17th Ramadan
Question: 5
What islam tells about booty.
Answer: 5
According to Islam 1/5th part of booty is for Allah and His Prophet (S.A.W.W) and it will added in Beit-ul-mal. The remaining willbe divided among the soldiers, according to shria
Question: 6
What is Promised by Allah in fourth verse of Surah Anfal.
Answer: 6
Battle of Badr is mentioned
Question: 7
What advice is givne to believers in the first verse fo Surah Anfa.
Answer: 7
The believers are advised that they should fear Allah, set thing right among themselves, and obey Allah and His Prophet (S.A.W.W)
Question: 8
From which verse of Surah Anfa, its name is taken.
Answer: 8
Its name is taken from its first verse.
Question: 9
Which Characteristics of believer are mentioned in second and third verses of Surah Anfa.
Answer: 9
The Charateristics of the believer, mentioned in Surah Anfa are that when Allah is mentioned before them they fear and when verses of Quran are recited before them, their belief increases and become firm upon, Allah, they put their turst, they establish prayeer and spend something of what Alla has provided them
Question: 10
Why there was controversy about the divisionof booty.
Answer: 10
It was the first battle of Islam. Before this the Muslims had never found the booty in such a large quantity . That is why there was controversy the booty in such a large quantity. That is why there was controversy.
Question: 11
What is the literal meaning of Anfal.
Answer: 11
The word Anfal is plural of the wordl nafl It mean extra
Question: 12
How many soldiers participated in Battle of Badr with the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W0
Answer: 12
313 soldiers, 83 were Muhajers, remaining were Ansaar.
Question: 13
Infidels wre seen in the samll quantity to Muslims. What was its benefit.
Answer: 13
Muslims were encoureged.
Question: 14
In which manner infidels came out of their houses for war against Muslims.
Answer: 14
They came out of their houses boastfully and to be seen of men, and barning others from Allah's way
Question: 15
Which two points shuld be remembered by Muslims for success when they face infidels in battle -field.
Answer: 15
1- Stand firm
Question: 16
What is the purpose of Jahad.
Answer: 16
To eradicate sedition and apply the religion of Allah completely
Question: 17
What is meant byغیر داب لشوکۃ
Answer: 17
it means without weapons.
Question: 18
What is promised by Allah to infidels if they stop opposing Islam.
Answer: 18
Their previous sins willbe forgiven
Question: 19
How did Allah make conditions suitable for Muslims.
Answer: 19
Allah covered the Muslims with drowsness to make them fresh and rained to make the steps of Muslims firm in sand and to provide water for ablution and bath.
Question: 20
Who was the commander in-Chief of the force of Makkah.
Answer: 20
Abu Jahal
Question: 21
How did Muslms spend night in the field of Badr.
Answer: 21
Muslims spend night in worship of Allah and prayers.
Question: 22
What is meant byاحدالطائفتین
Answer: 22
It means two groups, one is body of traders and other is force of infidels.
Question: 23
What is the purpose of the preparation of war.
Answer: 23
It will put pressrue on the infidels and they will never try to fight against Muslims.
Question: 24
One Muslim willbe sufficient for ten indidels, In what condition.
Answer: 24
If Muslims keep their feet firm.
Question: 25
In infidels incline towards peace, what Muslims should do.
Answer: 25
Muslims shuld also incline towards peace because Islam does not like war
Question: 26
Who are mentionedانھم لا یعجزون
Answer: 26
The infidels who did not participate in the battle of Badr or ran away from battle -field
Question: 27
If the program of war was already settled between two groups, what happened.
Answer: 27
If the program was already settled, there may be the chance of the with drawing of war. But it was not according to the desire of Allah.
Question: 28
What were the comments of infidels and hypocrates on the preparation of Muslims for Jahad.
Answer: 28
They said that Muslims were proud of their religion. Their religionhad deceived them. They would not be successful.
Question: 29
How the people, who break their convenent, should be treated.
Answer: 29
They shouold be punished in such a sorst manner, their remaining ones may be dispersed.
Question: 30
From which verse of Surah Al-Anfaal, its name is taken ?
Answer: 30
The Surah takes its name Al-Anfaal from the first verse
Question: 31
Who are the worst animals.
Answer: 31
The worst animals are those who and infidels , did not believe, and break their covenant.
Question: 32
When was Surah Al-Anfaal revealed ?
Answer: 32
Surah Al-Anfaal was revealed after the Battle of Badr which was fought on Friday, 17th of Ramadan in the second year of Hijra.
Question: 33
Why some campanion of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) hesitated to participate in Jahad.
Answer: 33
Because it was first between Muslims and Infidels, for which Muslims were not prepared. The enemy was much sronger, There was summer season and month of Ramadan.
Question: 34
How much and with whom should the booty be shared ?
Answer: 34
The believers are directed to assign fifth share of the booty to Allah, His Prophet Muhammad (), near relatives, orphans, the needy an the travellers.
Question: 35
In which way the devil encouraged the infidels.
Answer: 35
Devil came to the people of Quresh in the form of Siraqa bin Malik and encouraged them saying that no one will prevail against you today. I am your neighbour.
Question: 36
What is the Literal meaning of Anfaal ?
Answer: 36
The wordالانفال is plural of the word "nafal". It means extra.
Question: 37
What was seen by devil which could not be seen by soldiers.
Answer: 37
It was the helping force of angels which the devil had seen
Question: 38
What was the opinion of Hazrat Umer (R.A) and Hazrat Saad Bin Muaz (R.A) about prisoners.
Answer: 38
They had opinion that we should have killed them so that false might be culminated completely.
Question: 39
What is meaning of.واعدوانھم ما استطعتم
Answer: 39
Keep ready for infidels according to your power Spend your whole power in preparation.
Question: 40
What are the factors that save Muslims from the assaults of evil ?
Answer: 40
The factors that can save the Muslims from the assaults of evil are the faith in Allah, stead fastness, zeal and intelligent discipline.
Question: 41
Which reasons of destruction of Al-Imran have been mentined in Surah Anfal.
Answer: 41
1- They belied the signs of Allah
Question: 42
Who is the best planner in the world ?
Answer: 42
Allah Almighty is the best planner in the world.
Question: 43
Why one Muslim is sufficient for two infidels not for ten.
Answer: 43
Because of weakness in Muslims
Question: 44
Those who opposed Allah Almighty and Holy Prophet () what punishment Allah Almighty will give them ?
Answer: 44
Allah Almighty will give them strict punishment.
Question: 45
Write down the meaning ofشرالدوآب
Answer: 45
Shar_al_Doab" mean the worst of all the living things. Shar means to commit mischief. The word "Shreer" (mischievous) is derived from the word "shar" which means a person who commit act of mischief. The most mischievous is one who can neither listen nor speak.
Question: 46
What was the suggestion of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A) and his companions abut prisoners.
Answer: 46
They suggestsed that they should being set free after giveng ransom or without giving ransom
Question: 47
What is mentioned about prisoners in Surah Anfal.
Answer: 47
Quran said,"It is not befitting to any Prophet that he should make captive toinfidels until he has immensely shed their blood in the land."
Question: 48
Why there was confusion about the division of the spoils of war ?
Answer: 48
A dispute arose among the Muslims concerning the division of the spoils of victory after the Battle of Badr. Allah used this opportunity for the benefit of the Muslims and gave instructions for the solution of the problems of peace and war.
Question: 49
What was the reaction of devil when he saw the Muslim force.
Answer: 49
when devil saw the Muslim force he ran away saying," I am quit of you."
Question: 50
How can the Muslims win the victory against the enemy ?
Answer: 50
The Muslims can win against the enemy victory with the help of Allah. By obeying and following the instructions of Allah and his Prophet ().
Question: 51
whose suggestion was liked by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) about Prisoners.
Answer: 51
The suggestion of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A) was liked by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W)
Question: 52
Where was the first Islamic state established and who was the head of the state ?
Answer: 52
The first Islamic state was established in Madinah and the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad () was the head of the state.
Question: 53
What warning Allah gave to non believers ?
Answer: 53
(O Muhammad!) Tell the disbelievers: If they desist (from doing wrong), they will be forgiven for their past (deeds); but if they return (commit the same wrong again), they will be treated in the same manner as were treated the earlier nations. (The wrong doers will be severely punished).
Question: 54
What is the meaning ofومارميت ادرميت ?
Answer: 54
It means the pebbles which the Holy Prophet () threw at the Kuffar forces. Allah Almighty said Prophet () did not throw these pebbles but Allah Almighty threw these by angels with the hands of Prophet ().
Question: 55
Describe the Makkan army and the Muslim army in your words.
Answer: 55
The Makkan army numbered over a thousand men. They had some of the most experienced Leaders of Arabia included adamant foe of Islam was also one of the leaders of Makkan force. Compared to them there were only 313 men, 70 camels 2 horses in Muslim force but they had strong faith in Allah for victory.
Question: 56
What is meant by اساطيرالاولين
Answer: 56
Its meaning is tales of the people of the ancient times. When the Ayat of Quran were recited in front of non believers then they said that these are the tales of ancient people which they heard before this.
Question: 57
Who is the best Protector in this world ?
Answer: 57
Allah is the best protector in this world.
Question: 58
Who are the true believers ?
Answer: 58
There are five Qualities of true believers:
1. Fear of Allah
2. Abundance of faith
3. Trust (Tawakal)
4. Performance of prayers
5. To spend in the name of Allah.
Question: 59
How many infidels were inprined during Battle of Badr.
Answer: 59
Seventy infidels were imprisoned, most of them were of old age.
Question: 60
What is meant by betray and breach of trust in Surah Al-Anfaal ?
Answer: 60
Allah said:
O believers! Do not betray Allah and His Prophet (Also do not misappropriate knowingly your trusts ( the things and responsibilities) you have been entrusted with. (Surah Al-Anfaal: Aayat 27)
The word trust means to give something in somebody's custody for safety or security. Breach of trust means a betray the trust. Anything that was given to him as trust, it was not looked after properly. Trust in Allah is a constituent of belief (Iman).
Question: 61
Who called for the help of the armed forces from Makkah and on what pretext ?
Answer: 61
Abu Sufiyan called for the armed forces from Makkah on the pretext that the Muslims of Madinah could attack the caravan.
Question: 62
What Islam tells about booty (spoils of war) ?
Answer: 62
Islam divides spoils or booty into two categories, namely: 'Ghanimah' and 'Fai'. If the spoils are obtained by actual fightning, the same are called Ghanimah. But if they are obtained without fighting i.e. the enemy surrenders or flees away, then they are called Fai. The soils of war belong to Allah and His Prophet ().
Question: 63
What are the benefits of adopting Taqwa ?
Answer: 63
These are the benefits of adopting Taqwa:
1. Ease in matters.
2. A way out of problems and difficulties.
3. Unexpected sustenance.
4. Ability to distinguish truth from falsehood.
5. Calmness and tranquility.
Question: 64
What did Allah Almighty inspire the angels ?
Answer: 64
Allah Almighty inspired the angels that O, Muhammad (Allah Almighty ) I am with you.
Question: 65
What is meant byومن رباط الخيل ?
Answer: 65
Allah ordered the Holy Prophet () and the believers to keep yourself ready against them with full strength and horses fastened with ropes in order to strike terror into the hearts enemy.
Question: 66
What treatment did angels do with non-believers ?
Answer: 66
Quran Says:
Would that you had seen, how the angels take away the souls of the disbelievers (at death) smiting their faces and their backs (saying): and (now) taste the punishment of burning (in fire).
(Surah Al-Anfaal: Aayat 50)
Question: 67
What is not worthy of a Prophet () ?
Answer: 67
It is not worthy of a Prophet () that he should have captives until he has slain (the disbelievers) in the land.
Question: 68
Why some companions of the Holy Prophet () hesitated to participate in Jahad ?
Answer: 68
1. Because it was first battle between Muslims and infields, for which Muslims were not prepared.
2. The enemy was much stronger.
3. There was summer season and month of Ramadan.
Question: 69
Where was the Battle of Badr fought and who won the battle ?
Answer: 69
The battle was fought at the place of Badr at a distance of about 100 kilometers from Madinah. Muslims won a grand victory with the help of Allah.
Question: 70
How did the Kuffar left their homes ?
Answer: 70
The Kuffar left their homes boastfully.
Question: 71
Write down the meaning ofرجزالشيطن
Answer: 71
It means filth of satan
Question: 72
How can Muslims achieve victory against their enemies in the battlefield ?
Answer: 72
The Muslims can achieve victory by following these rules:
1. O believers! When you come face to face with the disbelievers in the course of battle; do not turn your backs to them (do not run away).
(Surah Al-Anfaal: Aayat 15)

2. Keep firm.
3. Obey Allah and his Messenger ().
4. Remember Allah with abundance.
5. Fight with sincerity not just unarmed, without ammunition.
Question: 73
What were the designs of Makkans after the Muslims had migrated to Madinah ?
Answer: 73
The Muslims had been forced to leave Makkah. The Makkans had designs to crush Hazrat Muhammad () and his followers.
Question: 74
What is promised by Allah Almighty in fourth verse of Surah Al-Anfaal ?
Answer: 74
There is promise of high grades forgiveness and honorable provision.
Question: 75
Write down the meaning ofغر، فانبذ
Answer: 75
1. غر Proud
2. فانبذ Throw back
Question: 76
What did Allah order the Momin in Surah Al-Anfaal ?
Answer: 76
Allah Almighty ordered the Momin, to obey Allah and His Messenger (), and turn not away from Him after hearing Him.
Question: 77
How many believers can overcome a thousand disbelievers ?
Answer: 77
One hundred steadfast Muslims can overcome a thousand disbelievers.
Question: 78
In case of fight against the non believers what should be the attitude of the Muslims ?
Answer: 78
In case of fight against the non-believers the Muslims should follow the following order:
1. Be courageous.
2. Worship Allah in every condition
3. Obey Allah and His messenger ().
4. Be patient
5. Avoid mutual differences
6. Do not be proud and boastful
Question: 79
How did Allah Almighty help the Muslims ?
Answer: 79
Allah Almighty helped the Muslims with one thousand Angels.
Question: 80
How Allah has specially talked about his special award and blessing in the battle of Badr ?
Answer: 80
In the battle of Badr, Allah rewarded the Muslims in their victory over Kuffar. With the help of Allah Muslims won the battle.
Question: 81
Write down the meaning ofالرکب
Answer: 81
الرکب Coffle
Question: 82
What is meant by "تقوی "
Answer: 82
It meaning is "Fear of Allah". Generally, its meaning is asceticism. Avoid to do sins is called asceticism.
Question: 83
What is meant by اني آري مالاترون
Answer: 83
Satan said that "I see that you cannot see".
Satan saw the angels which Allah sent for the help of Muslims. He turned on his heels and I have nothing to do with you.
Question: 84
Is spoils of war Halal for believers ?
Answer: 84
Yes, It is lawful or halal.
Question: 85
What Allah Almighty advised to believers in the first verse of Surah Al-Anfaal ?
Answer: 85
The believers are advised that they should fear Allah Almighty, set things right among themselves and obey Allah Almighty and His Prophet ().
Question: 86
What is meant by that your wealth and your children are all a trial ?
Answer: 86
We should remember that this world is short lived it is temporary. We have to stay here for a short time. If a man is given mischief, we should keep ourselves at arm's length from it. We should spend our wealth as Allah has commanded us to do. We should bring up our children with love and affection and teach them correct Islamic Principles. So that any possessions in this way will be a source of our salvation in this world and the world hereafter. So good and bad paths are before us. Allah almighty always rewards for our virtues.
Question: 87
What instructions were given to Muslims against non-believers in the Battlefield ?
Answer: 87
The instructions were these:
1. Hold firm
2. Remembrance of Allah Almighty
3. Obey Allah and His Prophet ()
4. Be patient
5. Do not fall into dispute
6. Do not join Battlefield boastfully
7. Do not show others their splendour
Question: 88
Write down the meaning ofميثاق and اولوالارحام
Answer: 88
1. اولوالارحام: Blood relations, kith and kin.
2. ميثاق : Treaty alliance.
Question: 89
When non believer wanted to deceive the believers. How did Allah help them ?
Answer: 89
If non believers' intention is to deceive believers, then Verily Allah is sufficient for believers. He is the one Who supports with His help.
Question: 90
What is the reaction of non believers and hypocrites when the Muslims were preparation themselves for Jihad ?
Answer: 90
Translation:Allah explained the reaction of non believers in this Aayat:(Remember) when the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease, were saying. Their religion has made them insane. (Surah Al-Anfaal: Aayat 49)
Question: 91
What is the message of Allah migration and co-operation of Ansar ?
Answer: 91
Allah has talked three classes of the believer.1. Emigrants2. Ansar3. Non-emigrated believers. 1. Emigrants: These are Muslims who migrated for Islam. 2. Ansars: This was the second group of people of Madinah who gave shelter to emigrants of Makkah through hospitality and supported them in Jihad. 3. Non-Emigrant believers: They are those Makkans who embraced Islam but did not migrate to Madinah. Virtues of Emigrants and Ansars: 1. Allah bore witness to these two groups, liked their steadfastness and spirit of selflessness and sacrifice. 2. Allah Almighty forgave their sins. 3. Allah promised to bless them respect and honours in this world and the world hereafter.
Question: 92
Write down the meaning ofيتخن ?
Answer: 92
Its meaning is "he slaughters / stays".
Question: 93
Write down the meaning ofلاتخونو "يحول"
Answer: 93
لاتخونو: Do not betray, do not be dishonest.
يحول: Comes in between
Question: 94
If non believers break their covenant what instruction Allah gave to the Holy Prophet () ?
Answer: 94
Allah gave these instructions to the Holy Prophet ():
They are (in particular) those with whom you (Muhammad) () made a treaty then they break their treaty every time and they do not fear (Allah).
If you come across them in war, deal with them in such a way that those who follow them are oblige to run away, so that they might remember (how their leaders were punished).
And if you fear that a (certain) group might betray you, throw back (their treaty) to them to be on equal terms (with them). Verily Allah does not love the betrayers. (Surah Al-Anfaal: Aayaat 56, 57 & 58)
Question: 95
What did Allah order about heirdom ?
Answer: 95
Heirdom means inheritance. Allah Almighty ordered:
And blood relations are to be given priority over others in the law of Allah. (The nearer a relative is, the more deserving of receiving the share he is.) Verily Allah is All-knowing.
(Surah Al-Anfaal: Aayat 75)
Question: 96
The victory of faithful Momin depends on what grounds ?
Answer: 96
The victory of faithful Momin depends upon three things:
1. Steadfastness.
2. Repeated worship of Allah Almighty.
3. Sincerity (selfless worship)
Question: 97
What is the meaning ofالفا ?
Answer: 97
Its meaning is "one thousand"

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