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Sukkur, one of the oldest and most prominent cities in Sindh, is home to great educational institutions that provide quality education to the younger generation. List of government colleges in Sukkur is filled with great colleges like Government Islamia College of Science. Many private colleges in Sukkur are also responsible to impart education to the masses. The presence of government universities in Sukkur enable the students to get outstanding education in the most affordable way. These institutions allow the residents of this region to grasp the skills needed for the growth of corporations and research. Students who pass out of these institutions will go on to shape the future of the county.

Colleges and universities in Sukkur are a source of high quality education for the youth of the region. Government colleges in Sukkur allow the students to study science, arts and commerce with ease of mind the higher secondary school level. When students come out of these colleges and want to dive in the world of higher education, the government universities in Sukkur allow them to do so by providing a range of in-demand degree programs. The influx of more students in the education sector and the bright alumni produced by the city of Sukkur ensures that the city has a great future ahead of it.

List Of Universities In Sukkur

Sukkur Institute of Business Administration is a great institution that is known all over Pakistan for its time-tested teaching methodologies and the scholars it has produced. Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College is a gateway for students to learn about the profession of health. The locality of Sukkur region desperately requires more health professionals and the Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College fulfills these needs. Begum Nusrat Bhutto Women University is another institution that provides medical education in the region. Many private colleges in Sukkur also prove to be the base of outstanding higher secondary school education.