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Master of Business Administration, MBA is a business-related field and the students during this degree complete several modules and subjects in which accounting, applied statistics, human resources, business communication, business ethics, business law, business strategy, finance, managerial economics, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, supply-chain management, and some others are included. Normally, the study duration for the MBA study program is two years. However, in some exceptional cases such as part-time MBA, accelerated MBA, and some other cases the duration to complete the studies may be different.

Students who are thinking to start their MBA program and are a bit confused regarding the MBA admission process and MBA admission criteria can get the potential information that will be helpful for them to secure their admissions to the MBA program in their favorite business schools in Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria For MBA Study Program

Applicants with the following admission criteria will be eligible for MBA admissions:

  • At least 14 or 16 years of education in the business subject is required.
  • The degree must be acquired from a recognized university with the required scores or CGPA. Normally, students with 2.5 CGPA or equivalent scores are eligible.
  • Applicants are called to appear for entrance exams by many of the universities.
  • The final evaluation process is done based on the interview of the candidates.
  • The entrance exams and interviews are not conducted by all the universities. So, for further inquiry, you are recommended to contact your designated university directly.

Required Documents For MBA Study Program

The following are the general documents required to submit along with your MBA admission applications:

  • Applicants are required to submit a completely filled and accurately filled admission application form.
  • All the previous academic records such as matric certificate, intermediate certificate, and bachelor certificate, etc. are required to attach along with the admission application.
  • Two reference letters are required by some of the universities.
  • A letter of working experience may also be required to attach which is the requirement by some of the business and management universities in Pakistan.
  • In the case of any further or additional documents, applicants have to attach along with the application forms.

Admission Cycle For MBA Study Program

Almost all the universities including private as well as public universities in Pakistan offer MBA admissions twice a year. The study program runs through the semester system and after the completion of every single semester the admissions are open. The exact admission deadline may differ from the various universities. However, you are offered a general idea that for the winter semester the admissions are closed between September and November. However, students, who apply for the summer semester face admission deadlines between January and March.

Fee Structure For MBA Study Program

Business studies at the master level especially MBA studies are comparatively expensive than other study programs at the master level. The tuition fee varies from university to university. At the same time, the tuition fee difference also comes to see according to the type of university. For example, the tuition fee of the private sector universities is different from the universities of the public sector.

However, we have studied the portals of the different well-known universities in Pakistan and it is concluded that students pay between 50,000 and 250,000 per semester charges or tuition fee for MBA study program. For further details regarding MBA fee structure students are advised to contact directly to their designated institutes.

Study Opportunities After MBA Study Program

Once you complete the degree in MBA you can find several special study options to enlarge your knowledge in the business field. Currently, among the trendiest study options after MBA in Pakistan is to start M.Phil. Program in the business field. Students can find several universities that are offering postgraduate programs in the business field. At the same time, we would like to share an idea with the students that they can also apply for study abroad to start their postgraduate program in the business and administration field from the worldwide recognized universities.

Career Opportunities After MBA Study Program

Those students who are not thinking about postgraduate studies and are looking to start their professional careers after the completion of the MBA study program can find a lot of opportunities. Students can start their professional careers not only in Pakistan but throughout the world they can grab the potential working or career opportunities. The trendy career options and fields in Pakistan are listed below:

Business Administrator: You can start your professional career with the position of Business Administrator in any private sector organizations as well as public sector organizations. Business administrators’ main duties are to give a suitable opinion and strategies to stable and enlarge the businesses. The position enables the candidates to earn a handsome living.

Entrepreneur: While having advanced level knowledge in the business field, candidates become able to start their own business. If you have a good business idea and have enough capital to implement your ideas then you can start your own business.

Business Analyst: It is a field in which the analyst takes the complete analysis about the business trends and offer the companies helpful ideas that how they can grow and be the best competitors among the contemporaries.

Sales Manager: For candidates who, after completing MBA studies, want to get professional experience in the business or especially in the sales field, this is the best option for them to choose. You can apply for a sales manager in the retail stores and other sales-related firms. With the title of an MBA degree, you can easily grab this position in any of the best retail and other related firms in Pakistan.

Marketing: The idea of markets’ strategies no one can know better than a person who has studied a master level degree in the business field. So, with this title, you can find a lot of opportunities to start your career as a professional marketer.

Other Career Opportunities: Besides these mentioned career options there are several other options also exist in which banking & finance, PR management, human resources, property management, and some others are included.

Latest Updates Of MBA Study Program

Candidates are not only provided the ideas that what is the strategy to secure admissions for the MBA program. But, at the same time, we assist the candidates in finding the latest admission announcements of the MBA study program from different universities in Pakistan. Whenever the institutes announce admission the notifications along with the complete admission criteria are also published here.

City Wise List of College/University for MBA Admissions in Pakistan