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In order to study any of the subjects the right way is to go through the textbooks of 11th and then go through some helping contents. Our students make such mistakes that they start their studies from helping contents, and they do not get the actual ideas or concepts of syllabus. This technique, sometimes, offers them good end result but this is not helpful all the time. So, we highly suggest our students cover your  PTB textbooks first and then go through the helping contents in order to keep remember all the concepts. For this purpose, the 11th class Biology textbook is uploaded here. Actually, students get textbooks from their schools. But, the issue behind it is that you cannot avail this textbook anytime anywhere. But, online textbooks 2020 you can browse anywhere anytime. This is why we proposed the idea to keep online textbooks with you.  

FCS Part I Biology Book 2020:

Students are allowed to take a complete view of the book and at the same time, students are also allowed to download this book into your computer or even in your handset without paying any cost. This is all we offered just for the good convenience of our students. Students who want to clear their concepts during 1st year 2020 textbook studies are to provide with 11th class Biology video lectures. You will find professional and friendly teachers in our video lectures with chapter wise sequence. So, read the chapters and then watch the videos to prepare 100% of your chapter.  

Punjab Boards FSC Biology Book 1: 

In the end we also delightedly inform our students that there are some other useful contents are also available at First of all, we inform our students that their Biology paper sets in three sections and these are MCQs, short questions and long questions. Students can find the solution of all three sections with 11th class Biology solved MCQs, 11th class biology short questions, and 11th class Biology long questions. So, start your study session with us get 100% of preparation.   

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Dec 28, 2019


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Teacher Asst We will upload soon
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Oct 30, 2019

asslam o alaikum i joined can i get previous lectures?

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Hafsa How can I get  previous lectures of chemistry chp 5
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Aug 25, 2019

why there are no files in chemistry study notes

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Saba We are working on it. Please keep visiting Soon you will get chemistry notes.