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An important facility for 9th class students preparing for short questions islamiat 9th class chapter 2 of BISE. Get hundreds of questions to prepare and get better marks in 9th islamiat
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Question: 1
Give the Quranic evidence about the importance of Ahadith-e-Mubarakah ?
Answer: 1
The importance of Ahadith-e-Mubarakah is evident from the following verses of the Holy Quran.
Accept That which the Messenger gives you and abstain from that which he forbids you. (59:7)
One who obeys the Messenger, he obeys Allah. (4:80)
Obey Allah and obey the Messenger. (5:92)
Verily you have, in the Messenger of Allah, a good example (33:21)
Question: 2
What is the most important source of Islamic law after the Holy Quran ?
Answer: 2
Hadith is the most important source of Islamic law after the Holy Quran.
Question: 3
Prove the importance of knowledge by the Quranic Verses ?
Answer: 3
The very first Quranic verse revealed to the Holy Prophet () Allah Almighty commanded:
Read in the name of you Lord Who created man out of a clot. Read! And your Lord is Most Bountiful. He taught you be the pen. He taught you that which he (man) did not know. (96:1-5)
Question: 4
What is the basic instinct of man ?
Answer: 4
It is the basic instinct of man that he wants to get the knowledge of himself and of the universe. It is only because of acquiring knowledge that man enjoys superiority over all other creatures. Knowledge was the greatest gift that Allah Almighty gave to Hazrat Adam (عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ).
Question: 5
What did the Holy Prophet () said about the importance of knowledge ?
Answer: 5
The Holy Prophet said:
To seek the knowledge is the duty of every Muslims male and Muslim female.
Question: 6
How Holy Quran provides us guidance ?
Answer: 6
It provides guidance in financial, social, political and scientific affairs.
Question: 7
What is the requirement of Islam form its believers ?
Answer: 7
Islam is a practical religion which requires its believers to perform certain duties to achieve success in this world as well as in the Hereafter.
Question: 8
Who is the best person among the Muslims ?
Answer: 8
According to Hadith:
The best of you is he who has learnt the Quran and teaches it (to others).
Question: 9
What is the terminological meaning of Hadith in Islam ?
Answer: 9
In Islamic terminology Hadith means the tradition of the Holy Prophet () i.e., his sayings as well as his practices.
Question: 10
Write down the literal meaning of Hadith.
Answer: 10
Literally Hadith means a saying or narration.
Question: 11
What is the subject of the Holy Quran ?
Answer: 11
The subject of the Holy Quran is man and it presents a complete code of human life.
Question: 12
Write down the literal meaning of the word Quran ?
Answer: 12
The word "Quran" literally means that which is read or recited.
Question: 13
Write down the translation of a verse about the obedience of Holy Prophet () ?
Answer: 13
Allah Almighty says: One who obeys the Messenger, he obeys Allah". (4:80).
Question: 14
How should a believer spend his life according to the Holy Prophet () ?
Answer: 14
The sayings of the Holy Prophet () also means that a believer should mould his feelings and thoughts in accordance with the will and pleasure of Allah Almighty and His Prophet ().
Question: 15
What is importance of manners in human life ?
Answer: 15
Manners present the clear picture of man's personality. When a person shows good manners in settling affairs with others, the inner and outer features of his personality become clear.
Good manners are the only way to turn hatred into love and enemies into friends.
Question: 16
How did the Holy Prophet () preached Islam ?
Answer: 16
It was due to good manners that the Holy Prophet (), while preaching the true religion of Allah, managed to subdue even the most stubborn enemies of Islam.
Question: 17
Who is the most perfect believer among Muslims according to the Hadith ?
Answer: 17
The Holy Prophet () said:
Indeed the most perfect in faith among believers is the one who is the best in manners.
Question: 18
Who is the most successful person in Islamic society according to Hadith ?
Answer: 18
According to Hadith: " The best among the people is the one who is beneficial to other."
Question: 19
Write down the translation:
Answer: 19
The Hadith is given below:
ليس منا من لم يرحم صغيرنا ولم يوقير کبيرنا
He is not amongst us who does not show mercy to the young and respect to the elders.
Question: 20
What are the attributes of Allah Almighty and what Allah Almighty wants from man ?
Answer: 20
Man is the most eminent of the created beings. As such he is expected to develop in himself Allah's attributes and express them in his words and actions. For example, Allah is Just, so man should also do justice. Allah is Forgiving, to man should also forgive others for their faults.
Question: 21
What does Islam from man ?
Answer: 21
Islam wants man to avoid the wrongs in spite of having the power to do them.
Question: 22
What is the obligation for Muslim regarding Holy Quran ?
Answer: 22
It is, therefore, obligatory that we learn the Holy Quran, meditate over it, follow its instructions and communicate its message to others.
Question: 23
How should a Muslim behave with elders ?
Answer: 23
The Muslims should show respect to elders.
Question: 24
How does the Holy Quran emphasis about mother's importance ?
Answer: 24
Holy Quran gives more importance to mother and stresses upon children to be more considerate and obedient to mother than to father.
Question: 25
Write down a Hadith on the importance of mothers in Islamic Society.
Answer: 25
The Hadith is given below:
الجنتہ تحت اقدام الامھات
Paradise lies under the feet of mothers.
Question: 26
What is the most prominent attribute of Allah ?
Answer: 26
The most prominent attribute of Allah is mercy.
Question: 27
What did Holy Prophet () say about library ?
Answer: 27
The Holy Prophet () said:
الراشي والمرتشي کلاھمافي النار
Both the briber and the bribee will go to hell.

Question: 28
What does the word bribe mean ?
Answer: 28
To bribe means to pay money to someone to persuade him to help you, especially by doing something dishonest. The practice of offering and accepting bribe becomes common when there is no justice in society, and people fail to get their justified rights by lawful means.
Question: 29
What does the word Islam mean ?
Answer: 29
The word "Islam" means "peace", so those who believe in Islam should be a source of peace and kindness for this world. Only those who are peaceful and kind to others, will deserve the Mercy of God on the Day of Judgement.
Question: 30
According to Hadith what is the major cause of the devastation of Islamic brotherhood and destruction of Islamic society ?
Answer: 30
The major cause of devastation of Islamic brotherhood and destruction of Islamic society is to cooperate with injustice practices.
Question: 31
What is the source of Prosperity according to the Holy Quran ?
Answer: 31
In the Holy Quran Allah says that the only those persons prosper who stand to benefit others and struggle for the welfare of mankind.

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