campus 9th class test session 2020
Class 9th (Science Group) | Test & Revision Session 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Test & Revision Session?

CAMPUS.PK one of the leading learning center in the online academic community. It provide you an environment like as physical academy. In Test & Revision Session provide you a complete range of syllabus revision chapter/unit wise in video lectures and after revision you can attempt test online of this syllabus.

What are the benefit of Test & Revision Session?

Benefit of Test & Revision Session as follow
1. 4-time syllabus completion through T&D session.
2. A strong source to revise syllabus.
3. Daily chapter wise test.
4. Daily chapter wise magical discussion.
5. Schedules and planned track.
6. Well experienced and trained faculties of Lahore city.
7. Result SMS
8. Update your result on web portal.
9. Student Portal (Provide Subject wise Graphical Analysis & Result Analysis).
10. Certificates and prizes awarding to toppers.

Will we get Pre-Board/Grand Test In Test & Revision Session? provide you all subjects Pre-Board /Grand Test examination with magical discussion.

What are LIVE Classes?

In LIVE class, the teacher delivers a lecture online but LIVE. So the students can talk to the teacher, ask questions and get any guidance on spot. These are not recorded lectures. So as a student you get the option to understand any doubts better and at the same time.

Who should join these classes?

Students from all Punjab BISEs can join. Currently we are starting LIVE classes for 9th class. If you are not already registered, you can click here to register for the LIVE classes starting from 4th Nov. 2020.

Is there any fee to join the LIVE classes?

No. All classes/lectures are 100% FREE.

For which board and grade these classes will be taught?

We are launching online classes for all Punjab Boards students. So if you are going to appear in any of BISEs in Punjab, then these classes will be according to your syllabus and books. For students in other parts of Pakistan, we do care for you as well. We are arranging teachers for other boards and will launch classes when such an arrangement is done. Till then you can join these Punjab boards classes and get free coaching. Most of the books and topics are same for all boards in Pakistan.

Who are the teachers?

This is one of the most important aspect of our teaching. You’ll get one of the best teachers. Most of our teachers are min. Masters with min 6 or more years of experience teaching in major colleges in Lahore. They have simply the best subject specialists.

What can I expect from these classes?

Great coaching, a friendly learning environment, supportive teachers and an awesome fun experience to learn and grow. We just don’t teach, we’ll try to polish you for your future.

What are technical requirements to join these classes?

You just need to have a good internet connection, a smartphone or a laptop/computer. That’s all.

Will you conduct class tests, monthly test and test sessions?

Certainly yes. We shall prepare you fully for the exams. Our teachers will give live lectures, answer questions, take daily MCQ tests and also take weekly tests. Once the course is covered, we’ll run revisions and finally crash tests.

Why are these classes better than joining an academy?

Because we have better teachers. We have technology that will help you learn things fast, our daily MCQ tests will enhance your learning capacity. Our teachers will be answering your questions even after the classes are over. The best part, we will not only give you academic guidance but also career advice.

Why is providing this facility free of charge?

We believe Pakistan can only progress if we educate our youth and educate them well. But education is costly for most students and their parents. So we are utilizing technology to help educate the masses. Moreover, using technology, we can provide better education quality.

Can I invite my friends and class fellows to this class?

That will be a favour to them. Do invite everyone. Its FREE for all. Let them see it.

If I don’t understand a concept or have a question, will teachers answer me?

Yes. That’s why we call it live sessions. Our teachers will be there to answer all the questions.

What if I get a question after the class is over?

For each live lecture you take, you can ask a question even after the class. Our teachers, teacher assistants or other students can answer you and you’ll get notified.