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Islamabad, being the capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, has more responsibility to enhance the level of education and convince more students to join higher education. Fortunately, the authorities in Islamabad have established great colleges and universities in Islamabad that are the best in the country and rank higher in the global rankings as well. Many students from other parts of the country find their way in the capital of Pakistan to obtain higher education and become an active part of the educational revolution in Pakistan. Students from countries also come to Islamabad to learn from the finest of the teachers and understand more about the society of Pakistan. But for the residents of the city, the gateway to higher education are colleges in Islamabad. 

The higher education colleges and universities in Islamabad are one of the best in the country. These institutions provide education from bachelors to the doctorate level and produce shining persons who bring light to the new and unseen avenues. Institutions like Quaid-e-Azam University, Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied sciences, and the National University of modern languages all have the same goal to produce outstanding graduates who know the worth of education and bring the best out of their given time with the courses they learned on campus. Students can obtain an education in the fields of arts, science, medicine, computer, and engineering from the universities in Islamabad to go on and serve the country in the future.

Colleges And Universities In Islamabad

Many public and private institutions present in the territory of Islamabad allow students to obtain higher education in a much better way than any institution present in the country. In recent times, private universities in Islamabad have also proven their worth by providing quality higher education. Various government colleges in Islamabad also provide an amazing learning opportunity to all the citizens of Islamabad. This city also has the largest Open University in Asia, the Allama Iqbal Open University.