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One of the most historical and now the fastest growing city of Pakistan, Multan has always been a center of education and innovation. Colleges in Multan are now one of the best institutions for higher education in the country. From the exquisite Kashi art of Multan to its green and wealthy fields and gardens, Multan has been a center of Love and peace through ages. Now, the same ancient city is promoting knowledge and education with its great educational institutions. Students from the neighboring areas come and study to their heart's content and go on to promote education and research culture in the country. Multan offers great serenity and peace of mind to its students so they become fond of what they study. Youth of the city now enrolls in colleges in Multan to learn quality education. 

120 Colleges & Universites in Multan

With time, the citizens of Multan have evolved from growing crops and selling livestock to getting higher education in colleges in Multan for promoting industrialization. The higher education in Multan is now better and more effective than ever. Universities and colleges in Multan are providing various degree programs to students in the medical, engineering, computer sciences, natural sciences, performing arts, communication studies, management, finance, banking, and various other domains. As there is a greater demand for industry specialists and agricultural scientists in Multan, many students now opt for this program to fulfill the demand for skilled professionals.

List Of Universities In Multan

To fulfill the needs of skilled professionals in the field of IT, IT universities in Multan have are providing great course outlines so the students can grow and learn more about the IT revolution and e-commerce. Universities like Bahauddin Zakariya University, Air University Multan Campus, NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology are among the best universities of Pakistan. To provide MBBS in Multan, the Nishtar Medical University and Multan Medical and Dental College are doing its best to provide outstanding medical education. Women University Multan is encouraging female education in Multan with its revolutionary efforts. Colleges in Multan make students eligible to obtain higher education.